Is Outsourcing The Answer For Many Small Businesses?



Many companies today are finding that outsourcing aspects of their business operations provides significant opportunity for growth and focus. By releasing many of the administrative, management and regulatory burdens to an experienced outside organization, this then enables the firm to regroup, acquire more focus and gain a greater competitive edge.

In today’s economic climate many businesses end up treading water with resources stretched and no chance to forge better client relationships and look at ways to improve profitability. Outsourcing provides a key business solution in a competitive market that can make a difference to continued success and growth.

There are a number of reasons why a company may choose to outsource, and this could be due to work pressures that lead to a company struggling or they may just wish to try things differently and evolve to the next level.


Increasingly, businesses need to be flexible, creative and think laterally, and often that requires a move away from traditional and outmoded ways of operating. An example of the outsourcing model is Excello Libertas who lead the way in providing legal managed services to law firms using an innovative business model.

This enables legal institutions to implement transformational changes in their working model by freeing them from some of the archaic working practices endemic in the legal profession.

Many other sectors now use established outsourcing professionals to undertake a range of procedural tasks and systems that allow companies to retain a strong infrastructure whilst growing their business and becoming more creative, innovative and productive.


Outsourcing companies work in a fully co-operative and collaborative way with the businesses on their books using tried and tested principles of excellence and integrity combined with expertise in the respective sectors they cover.

They are able to provide firms with full IT, HR, regulatory and administrative support and cover a range of functions within this such as finance management, secretarial, marketing and branding support as well as office facilities and often opportunities for networking.

Using top level technology and enhanced methods coupled with expertise of the sectors they cover, they can often perform some functions better than the businesses they support. This can enable a firm to concentrate on what they do best and really assess how they can get ahead in their field.


There are a whole raft of reasons as to why outsourcing can benefit a business, and with the growth of the internet it has never been easier to find and source a reputable and established outsourcing company that will fully meet your business requirements. Here are some of the main reasons why this is proving to be the modus operandi for many modern companies:

Economical:a number of successful outsourcing companies have honed the process by use of high-speed internet and communications technologies to make a very cost-effective option for many firms.

Better work processes:tedious or repetitive tasks can be outsourced as well as more high level tasks. Often the outsourcing company can be more up-to-date on regulatory or best practice ensuring the jobs are done well and accurately and free up time for more developmental or progressive concepts to take place.

State of the art technology: outsourcing companies are partly a product of the internet generation and so need to use the fastest and most efficient methods available ensuring tasks can be completed punctually and effectively.


Many outsourcing companies have much more on offer than the completion of tasks on time and to budget.

This can entail ensuring compliancy issues are followed; supporting and growing your brand; recruitment strategies and advice; support for transitional periods; collaboration and networking with other professionals and businesses.

Therefore, by opening up the opportunity for outsourcing services it is often the case that a company can also make better business connections, learn new techniques and technologies and become involved in valuable collaboration and networking with a range of new partners as a knock-on effect.

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