5 Awesome Booze Gift Accompaniments


I have on many occasions thought about the gifts I give to friends and relatives. Hosts and hostesses to parties I have attended have received a gift from my list of many to choose from. You will find the drinks I have taken to parties outlined in the yearly gift guides. However, I have always wondered if I could not throw in something more. I mean, once they are done with the booze, it is gone. Maybe they will keep the bottle around for some time but it too will find itself in the trash can eventually. So, what else could I throw into the gift pack? Here are the 5 ideas that made most sense to me. I give you my assurance that I was clear headed while thinking about them.

1. Magnetic Tool Wrist Band

A magnetic tool wrist band is designed to put bits, screws, nuts and bolts within easy reach. It works great as a long lasting gift when you are gifting your dad with a bottle of his favorite whisky. Well, it works with women too, especially those who are into DIY.

The features to pay closer attention to are the material used to make the wrist band, number of magnets used and comfort. The best magnetic tool wrist band is made with a nylon core that ensures it is durable.

  • Most manufacturers of these badass bands use 10-15 magnets.
  • Of course the strength of the magnets used varies. Better bring a piece of metal to test the strength of those magnets.
  • The magnets should be distributed well around the band. This makes sure you make maximum use of available space on the wrist band.

Magnetic Tool

Blendx magnetic tool wrist band (Image: Amazon)

For your comfort, padding and breathable material on the inside of the wrist band should be top on your checklist. The magnetic tool wrist band by Blendx comes highly recommended.

2. Dodora Spray Nozzle

Dodora prides itself in this spray nozzle. Before I tell you about its awesomeness, know that it is great for your aunt Pat who loves gardening. That does not mean that uncle Rob who loves his car is left out. The spray nozzle is quite versatile. It can be used to water plants, in car washing, bathing pets and anywhere else you want to have fun with water.

The spray nozzle boasts 9 spray patters for whatever use you are putting it to. It gives you a range of water pressure values suitable even for cleaning windows.  Dodora have made it to be quite durable – it is largely made using aluminum alloy.  A baked enamel finish ensures that water never has an effect on the nozzle.

To ice the cake, Dodora has made the nozzle compatible with virtually all garden hoses. It even comes with 3 rubber gaskets to eliminate the possibility of leaks. This is one gift accompaniment that will leave the recipient impressed – albeit a little wet maybe!

3. Lapel Pins

When it comes to gift accompaniments, you can never go wrong with fashion accessories. Lapel pins are a subtle fashion accessory that gives class and sophistication. You can also use a lapel pin to show support for a cause. You can even get a custom lapel pin that suits your friend’s likes or showing support for a favorite sports team!

It is very easy in recent years to order a custom lapel pin online. A custom lapel pin can be of any design and can even have words on it. Do not be worried about the number you need to purchase. This lapel pin manufacturer – Vivipins does not have a minimum quantity you must buy!

Lapel Pins

Custom sport pin by Vivipins

  • Popular lapel pins are sports pins, flag pins, auto pins and pet pins.
  • For loved ones, heart lapel pins are the way to go.
  • Hobby pins, flower pins and Christmas pins make great gift accessories when the recipient is a close friend.
  • For colleagues, you can go with a pin depicting an aspect of your work.

4. Book

Ha ha! So you are gifting someone with some booze? How about you add a cocktails book in there? Definitely not any other type of book, it must be a cocktails book. Mixology is an art – there is even a book titled something close to that. You could also go for one about alcoholic beverages in general. Depending on the known or approximated sills of your gift’s recipient, you have the options of a beginner’s book or one for pros.

Books have a way of ‘wording’ their way into people’s hearts. A book will leave a permanent imprint of your gesture and tighten the bonds between you and your giftee. The added advantage about having a book as your booze gift accompaniment is that it suits both gents, and ladies.

  • The classic cocktails book is ‘The Art of Mixology’.
  • ‘Gone With The Gin’ is also a great read.
  • Third and last recommendation is ‘Booze and Vinyl: A spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks’.

These recommended cocktail books are all available in paperback versions and pack great info.

5. Belt

Buckle-free belts are the in thing nowadays. Surprise someone with a belt in your next house visit. A belt accompanying your gift of alcoholic drinks is just awesome. Not many things can go wrong with a belt gift – and those that can are addressed here.

First the basics; go for a neutral color. Black, grey and white are the best options here. When your gift recipient is a lady, white is a great color to go with. For men, you choose between black and grey. Next, play safe with the belt width and length. A medium width and the longest length you can get are the safest bets.


Jelt buckle-free belt (Image: Amazon)

Why buckle-free belts? Well, most of them do not have metal parts, so they let you breeze through metal detectors. Second, they are stylish. The lack of a buckle while your trouser stays in place is just so amazing! To cap it all, these are the most comfortable belts around. The good quality ones hold things together very well, so definitely landing a spot on this list.

While brainstorming about these gifts – yeah, they needed a brainstorming session – I made sure to not put a ding in your budget. I also focused on what is likely to leave a lasting impression on whoever you gift them to. They are a great way of saying that you not only care about your friend getting a buzz, but also having a keepsake. The gift accompaniments are functional and will quickly become an important item to the recipient. Add one to the package when you next show up at someone’s door bearing gifts.

Image Credits: Booze Gift from Africa Studio/Shutterstock