Workspace Furnitures to Increase Productivity


The environment in which a person works directly affects the outcome. Optimizing your workspace and making it comfortable as well as stimulating can result in increased productivity. Research shows that there is a direct link between office furniture quality and productivity.

Office Changes to Improve Productivity:

Adding Comfortable Seating:

The most important thing to consider while buying an office chair is its comfort. An employee works for hours sitting in that chair hence it needs to be designed as per their comfort. Most offices adopt an ergonomically designed chair that can be adjusted based on individual needs regardless of their size and shape. 

Taking Stand at Work:

A piece of popular office furniture nowadays is the sit-stand desk mainly due to the health benefits that can be derived from this furniture. Studies have indicated that employees working on a stand up desk have shown considerable growth in performance and increased positivity. The reduction of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle has made this desk a must addition to the workplace.

Provision of a Breakout Area 

It is quite difficult to work at one place the entire day, providing sit out areas with sofas and other comfortable furniture for the employees to take a break or to work is a great idea to cut the monotony. Nowadays offices have become flexible with employees working in areas other than their desk as a change in the room and view stimulate the mind to create better output. 

Adding extra provisions like a pantry area for the employees to get tea or coffee with some snacks can also relax and energize them before they restart their work.

Adding Sufficient Lights:

Though natural lighting is the best option while working as it gives a sense of working in open but if your office does not have enough windows, make sure to add enough white lights to make the workspace brightly lit as dark spaces give a sense of gloom which decreases productivity whereas bright lights lifts the mood and motivates to work more.

A Motivating Decor:

Office area needs to look professional as well as welcoming. Too much of sharp design can make the place look cold which may not inspire many. A cozy and comfortable decor can make the office a better place to work. Small changes can be made by adding some accent of blue in the decor which is a relaxing color. Try to add some plants to the workspace.  It is a great idea to add indoor plants in each desk and corridors of an office as plants bring life and positivity which stimulates the minds of the employees.

An Organized Desk:

The one thing that can really bring down office productivity is a cluttered workspace. Organizing the desk by discarding items which are not required is one step but adding a desk with enough drawers, desk organizers and routing all the wires neatly can create a neat zone to work.

Offices are ditching old working norms and adapting to the new way of working which is creating a flexible environment for the employees by giving them enough freedom and an interactive and a comfortable workplace. Though it is not possible to change the entire office layout overnight due to the large investment required, changing a few things like providing standing chairs from and allocating a break-out area for the employees to work unconventionally can make a big difference and aid in increasing their productivity.