The Benefits Of Cremation – Is It The Right Choice For You?


End-of-life planning is never easy. The grieving process is difficult and long. However, this is one of the reasons why itís important that you and your loved ones have a frank discussion about how you want your remains to be disposed of, when you do pass away.

Cremation is quickly becoming one of the more popular alternatives for remains disposal. 70% of people in North America are expected to be cremated by the year 2030, making it the single most popular way to dispose of your remains after you pass away.

So, why are so many people choosing to be cremated at a Winnipeg crematorium, rather than opting for a traditional burial? Here are a just a few of the benefits of cremation.

  1. The Remains Are Portable

When someone is buried in a cemetery or interred in a mausoleum, itís very rare for their remains to ever be moved anywhere else Ė and this can only be done at a huge expense. It costs $3,000-$5,000 just to dig up a grave.

If you want to remember a loved one, or ensure that your loved ones can remember you without having to travel to a cemetery, cremation is a good choice. While the cremains can be buried, they are often kept in decorative urns, which can be kept in the home, and moved around, as desired by your loved ones.

This makes it easier for you to remember a loved one, even if your family does move, and canít make it to the cemetery any more.

  1. Cremation Is Environmentally-Friendly

Because cremation does not require the use of any land, which could otherwise be used for farmland, nature preserves, green energy, and other such things, itís considered more environmentally friendly.

In addition, because the body is not preserved for a viewing or an open casket funeral, there is no need for harsh chemicals to be used during the preservation process, which can help preserve the environment.

  1. Cremation Is Usually Quite Affordable

The cost of cremation can vary, depending on the memorial and other such services chosen by you or your family. But, as a rule, cremation is cheaper than a traditional burial, even with memorial services included.

A traditional funeral, including a grave site, casket, memorial, and burial, usually costs between $7,000-$11,000, and can be even higher, in some cases.

In contrast, direct cremation costs around $1,100, though youíll spend more if you want a memorial service, or wish to have the cremains buried or interred in a mausoleum.

This means that cremation puts a lower burden on your loved ones, and they donít have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. You Can Dispose Of The Remains In Accordance With A Loved Oneís Wishes

Another benefit of cremation is that you can dispose of the cremains in a way that honors the spirit or the passions of your loved ones.

For example, many people who are cremated specify what their wishes for the cremains in the will. They may ask that their cremains be spread at their favorite beach, or in another place that held deep meaning for them in their lives.

By spreading your loved oneís cremains, you can fulfill their last wishes, honor their memory, and feel close to them, which is not always possible with a traditional burial and memorial service.

Is Cremation Right For You? Find Out!

Discussing your end-of-life plans, or bringing up end-of-life process planning with a loved one is not easy. But itís a good idea to discuss these topics with your friends, loved ones, and family members Ė to ensure that you choose the right type of memorial service.

Due to its lower cost, flexibility, and numerous other benefits, cremation continues to grow in popularity. So think about cremation today, and decide whether or not itís right for you, or a loved one who is thinking about their end-of-life wishes.