75 Cool Backgrounds Photoshop Images & Tutorials for Graphic Artists

With new design techniques in graphic work, an age old phenomena will never change, that is making an attractive background on any visual art.

With proper art, vector and texture pattern the whole artwork looks beautiful, and I call that a cool backgrounds.

Purple bokeh effect background

Golden bokeh background

Blue bokeh background

Bokeh city background

City light bokeh background

Colored bokeh background

Bokeh background with blur city

Abstract blue background with squares

Abstract green background with lines

Abstract pink background with lines

Abstract background with hexagon

Purple abstract background

Tech abstract background by CDP

These cool backgrounds are used at many places, some of those are sites like forums and discussion boards. To help you create such attractive backgrounds we have brought this article with 75 cool backgrounds Photoshop tutorials. We will be adding more in future, so keep coming back.

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Keep coming back and see this collection grow and do share this cool backgrounds Photoshop tutorials post with your friends and colleagues.