5 Ways to Build Online Forms with the Utmost Ease

Without a doubt, it may take some time to build online forms. Plus, it can be downright frustrating, especially if you are working with advanced forms that require multiple pages, conditional logic, payment integration and attachment support.

The good news is, though, that there are various apps, tools and resources out there nowadays that can make the job much easier for you.

Here are 5 ways to build online forms with the utmost ease:

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123ContactForm :

123ContactForm comes with various features, including a WYSIWYG form builder, email notifications, SSL encryption, file uploads, conditional logic, data export, charts and reports, multi-language forms, customizable themes, and third party app and payment integration.

If you want to try it out for free, you can do so with the basic plan, which allows one user to have five forms with a hundred entries a month. If it works out, you can then look into a paid monthly plan that comes with twenty forms and five thousand entries a month for $14.95.

FormStack :

FormStack is one of the more popular online forms out there because it can be used to create forms in mere minutes, thanks to its drag-and-drop form builder. Other features include conditional logic, HTML5 forms, customize themes, data encryption, email validation, analytics, third party app integration, payment processing, and discount codes. FormStack also gives users the chance to re-route their form submissions to the parties involved through smart routing features.

The price of FormStack will generally depend on different factors, such as the amount of forms, users, form fields and submissions needed. While FormStack does not provide any limited free plans, it does provide a free trial for 14 days for each available plan. FormStack plans usually range from $14 to $159 a month.

ProProfs Form Maker :

ProProfs Form Maker is a very popular form builder with an easy interface that can set up forums with ease and speed. It also comes with a lot of attractive features, including employee forms, lead generation forms, website forms, blog forms and even Facebook page forms.

The best part about ProProfs Form Maker is that it is completely free of charge. Plus, it is incredibly easy to use, so people of any skill level will be able to figure it out, even if they do not have any HTML experience. Software download isnt required, either.

Gravity Forms :

What makes Gravity Forms stand out from the rest is the fact that it provides the same features for form building, but works as a plugin for WordPress. Some of its features include edit entries, export entries, customizable administration notifications, multi-page forms, optional order form fields, PayPal integration and order forms.

One highly notable benefit is that you can also use forms to create insert form data onto your blog posts. This means that users will be able to submit links for community news that you can post onto your site. Aside from that, WordPress users can also benefits from this by managing all of the information on WordPress without the need for another app or help from another website.

The premium Gravity Forms plugin starts at $39 for unlimited entries and forms on a site, along with a year of support and updates. Developer and multi-site licenses can also be bought for $99 or $199.

MachForm :

MachForm has attractive prices and features, too, including a convenient form builder, PayPal integration, a visual theme editor, multi-page forms, auto responders, email notifications, electronic signatures, entries export and file upload options.

MachForm comes with a one-time $49 fee, which includes unlimited entries and forms on a single site along with a year of support. Unlimited and multi-site plans can also be bought for $99 or $199.