50 Best Photoshop Plugins to Excel The Art of Graphic Designing

Photoshop is currently the best graphic design software that a designer needs to master. This is because it is capable of producing high-quality video, abstract images and editing graphics. However, it can sometimes be imperfect on account of its limitations. Sometimes you may find Photoshop is not performing the way you’d want. This crisis leads to the need for some additional software or plugin.

As a designer, you have two options – stop using Photoshop and find a working software catering to your requirements or find solutions that could render Photoshop better. This is where Photoshop plugins may be useful.

Given below is a list of 50+ best Photoshop plugins that make sure you save time with those long, laborious tasks.

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Page Curl


Publisher by AV Bros and priced at £34.95 is a good for plugin for Graphic designers. Page Curl can make effects like the page turn and the page fold. Both these effects can be arbitrary or in a regular shape, these can also work with full or partial transparency. It nicely fits in Photoshop, and it is an ideal plugin for making Ecovers. The newest version lets you switch the direction of curls and folds plus it supports CMYK color images.

Blow Up


You can create some excellent pin-sharp image enlargement with no quality degradation. It can help designers edit those low-resolution images sent over by your clients.

Kubota Texture Tools Industrial


Publisher by Kubota and priced at $69 is good for Photographers. Kubota has a broad range of textures, templates and borders with some brilliant photo enhancing tools. Before you buy anything, you can try the metallic filters. You can make some real looking finishes with their 50 metal themed textures. Moreover, they enable you to edit their filters and personalize them by giving final touches and make your piece stand out from others.



Projection has a wide array of bilateral perspective effects. The images are tiled in infinite space and lead to bi- linear distortion. 3D effects can be achieved by simply moving the corners of the image. After performing this type of operation, you need to press after the appearance of the button.

Topaz Labs


Topaz contains more than ten plugins for various purposes and therefore it makes this plugin the most common plugin ever.



If you are facing difficulties with the naming, coloring and sizing of the CSS elements, this Photoshop plugin will assist you to begin the process. It gives you the accurate size of the layer of the elements, size of the font, color along with family of the design element.  You just need to copy and paste the code on your CSS code editor.

Subtle Patterns


Subtle Patterns is a free repository of tillable textured images from AtleMo which is of high quality. This plugin nurtures all this goodness straightaway into the Photoshop panel. All you have to do is click on the thumbnail after which the texture gets applied to your present layer.

Gradient Smithy


This is a plugin that permits you to develop what Photoshop refers to as the gradient map effect. Users can create complicated gradient with great ease using this plugin.

Cut and Slice Me


This Photoshop plugin allows you to cut images which can be served as assets for your site for coding in the future. The best thing about Cut and Slice Me is the ease in using it and also its versatility. You just have to select and click before realizing the great work it does.



Sometimes in Photoshop, you have to rename layers in a retrospective manner,which definitely can be troublesome. Renamy helps you in renaming multiple layers in a single shot. It also has an excellent autocomplete function that relaxes your fingers.

Fluid Mask

fluid mask

Cutting is a challenging task in Photoshop. Images with undefined lines can be difficult to cut.  Fluid mask is helpful in such instances as it isolates subjects in logical and quick manner and is analogous to the mask options of Photoshop. You can use this plugin in various ways based on the kind of image you want to work with.

Flat Median


Flat Median has an effect like a median which have some benefits compared to the common median filter. The degree of flatness can be controlled with this plugin

Adobe’s Kuler


With Adobe’s Kuler, you can see the color schemes of other users. This allows you to know the colors that complement each other.

Pixel Dropr


Pixel Dropr allows you to make your own collections of buttons, icons, photos or UI kits and drop them immediately into your Photoshop document. This is an excellent way to enhance productivity levels while utilizing assets across various projects.

Virtual Photographer

Virtual photographer

You can create a broad range of photographic styles easily and quickly with Virtual Photographer. This plugin has many presets with which you can develop multiple effects.

Harry’s Filters


Harry’s Filters is a collection of filters which have around 69 unique image effects. The fundamental effect classifications are referred to as Color, Gradients, Artistic, Warp, Patterns etc.

Guide Guide


This is an astute plugin which allows you to establish guides for all your designs easily.

Curves 2


Curves 2 allow you to employ a curve with shape characteristics which can easily be controlled.

Perspective Mockups


Perspective Mockups has eight unique layouts and is something which you should check out.



This is a plugin meant for portrait retouching and is heavily useful.



With Icon, you can import and export Windows icon. Users can also create outstanding icons directly in Photoshop.



CSSHAT allows your webpages to stand out from a hat magically.

Julia World


Julia world is a plugin that’s well-known for its beauty. With this plugin, you can track down a fascinating curve easily.

Virtual Photographer


If you are unable to create stylish images with Photoshop, virtual Photographer can give you some great looks quickly and effectively.

AKVIS Chameleon


AKVIS Chameleon attunes pasted images automatically to the target object’s color range. It also smoothens the borders of the object.

Color MegaMix


Divine Elemente


Design Elemente is a plugin and software that links PSD designs to various WordPress themes. It’s perfect for the blogging industry, with the main benefit being you don’t need to do the real coding.



Chalkaholic is a plugin which provides different effective artistic options. It’s ideal for those wanting flexibility along with some amount of control in the designs.

Silver EFEX Pro 2


This plugin is pretty expensive; however the results are stunning. It’s similar to Nik’s Viveza and has many options which can be easily controlled.

Noise Ninja


Noise Ninja is used to remove grain and noise from digital images. This is useful for those shooting in situations of fast-action or low-light, such as wedding, sports, news or other similar events.



This is a plugin which proceeds to numerous symmetries to achieve enticing patterns.



With SiteGrinder you can create webpages from PSDs. You don’t have to actually slice or code anything with this plugin and is very much cool.

Fine Threshold Plugin


Fine Threshold Plugin permits you to achieve sharp and anti-aliased shapes without much difficulty in a short time.



Fractalius is a plugin that is somewhat unusual. It utilizes fractal patterns within the source of the image to produce effects similar to pencil sketches.

Wire Worm


Wire Worm has a single purpose-removing fences, telephone wires and similar hindrances in your images.  It has a simple interface and permits you to select a region around an obstruction which is then automatically removed.

HSL Plus 1.1


HSL Plus 1.1 has greater control on luminosity and good color integrity. You can also make an automatic contrast.

Subtle Patterns


Subtle Patterns allow a designer to select a pattern easily, which erases all burden to remove or search. In addition, they are highly subtle.

Local Equalization


Local Equalization is used to improve the feature of a texture. It’s also used to examine and optimize your image.

Dream Suite Ultimate


Dream Suite Ultimate includes pseudo 3D effects, textures, borders and tonal corrections. It comes with a high price tag but covers a broad ambit of effects.

Mystical Lighting


With Mystical Lighting you can apply shading effects and photo realistic lighting to your images. The quality of the images can also be improved with this plugin. It has around 400 presets and 16 visual effects.

Dreamy Photo


Dreamy Photo can give your images a tender romantic feel. This gives excellent effect for improving digital camera images, stock photography and any other image.


photoshop-plug-in-10-570x268 (1)

This is a functional plugin that is created to enhance the productivity of designers while doing UIs and mockups.

Local Contrast Enhancement


The main purpose of this plugin is to bring out every tiny detail of your image.

Exposure 4

Beauty portrait of young fashion model

Exposure 4 allows you in simulating film effects on digital images, which leads to finishes in analog style, scratches, borders and processing in a rewarding and realistic style. It has greater controls for custom color effects and split toning.



AutoEye is handy while editing an image, especially if you are ignorant of color correction or various processes like curves, adjustments, cast removals, histograms and contrast.



Xpose is a plugin that leads to rapid adjustments of shadows and highlights with a quick preview feedback along with an ordinary, intuitive interface.

Perfect Resize


Perfects Resize, also referred to as Genuine Fractals, is a photographic plugin which permits you to blow up your images without spoiling its sharpness. This is great for headers or background images.

Jama 3D


Jama 3D allows you to create cellular and corrugated patterns from 2D images.

Texture Anarchy


Texture Anarchy provides rich textures that can be incorporated into your images. These can be somewhat predictable; however, they have the potential to generate true fractals.

Image Doctor


Image Doctor is a robust tool for repairing and retouching images. It removes objects and blemishes seamlessly. Photographers and designers can repurpose and restore inferior, compressed JPEGs, which includes mobile phone images.

Water Ripples


Water Ripples has indiscriminate setting generators which produce unrestricted modifications of surfaces that are rippled.



Enigma permits you to create lossless images with around 80% optimization in a handy and easy UI.

Tych Panel 2


Tych Panel 2 allows you to create triptych (triple), ntych (quadrule+) and diptych (double) panels in Photoshop. Select the number of rows and columns, alignment and this plugin will assist you in creating the layout.

Fluid Mask 3


With Fluid Mask , the process of masking can be made quick and easy

Did we miss any of your favorites? Do send us your suggestion and best Photoshop plugins that you consider make your work easy.