SEO Tips That Helped Us Double Our Blog Traffic In Less Than A Year

SEO tips have attracted diversified benefits in the search world. These tips are a guideline to reducing google penguin recovery services, increasing traffic as people read more content and enhance the creation of better content for the audience. The paper illuminates on six SEO tips that will help in building stronger brands, which write content that Google looks for.

Tip 1: Know your Audience

To know the audience means putting yourself in the customer’s place. For instance, to think about the questions they ask themselves while on the search engine then create answers from those questions.

To comprehend the type of questions the customers might be asking, on the existing customers and market research buyer personas are created by real data.

This is an excellent approach to gain an in-depth understanding of the audience and solidify the content that needs to be created so as to solve the burning questions.

Know your Audience

Tip 2: Conducting research prior getting research keywords

Keyword research is a guideline to most SEO professionals. However, this changes when it comes to the creation of content because the process is different. Conducting keyword research prior the content knowledge that works is failing.

According to the author, the research process that works include;Use of Buzzsumo so as to know the type of content that receives the highest social shares.Visiting sites such as Quora to know the type of questions asked and the responses.

Conducting a Google search to identify the content that shows up in the SERPs.Then digesting the kind of content follows as well as the layout of the content.Monitoring the reliable hashtags especially in Hootsuite to identify the content that is posted along with the hashtag.

Liaising with the customer support and the social media team to identify the pain points for customers and the respective responses given.Following the research then the keyword research comes up. There are two ways the research can be used to guide the keyword research.

First is competitive intelligence and secondly is keyword validation. For competitive intelligence, one can put the URLs of the topic of interest in the SEMRush so as to identify the keywords the content pieces rank for. On the other hand, for keyword valuation one can use Googles keyword tool for validation of the keywords the content should rank for, to gauge the search volume and decide if it warrants some content piece.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.29.17 AM

Tip 3: Digestible content

The content for the search engine is important and so is the layout. For this reason, it is paramount to make the content as digestible as possible by use of pictures or descriptive tags. Pictures attract attention and make the content easily digestible. In the mind of the person making the content, they should feature the customer as a five-year-old learning to read. Further, use of bullet points and headers is fundamental.

Digestible content

Tip 4: Updating and re-promoting the old content

When one is stuck on what to write, it is helpful to get back to the old content that received high performance and updated it. These just needs simple and new headlines, images and the layout.

Updating and re-promoting the old content

Tip 5: Promote your content

Promotion of content involves using different social media platforms to make many people aware. It is fundamental to get social platforms that are relevant to the topic being addressed. If one chooses the right platform, the content is sure to receive more social shares that validate its quality and relevance to the search engine.

Promote your content

Tip 6: Tracking and reporting

This is the last and most essential. When one finds time to make an analysis and review the performance of the content, areas that need improvement are identified, and topics that have more social shares are identified, such that more can be written on those areas.