You Can’t Get Data Entry Jobs Until Joining These Sites

The internet is full of freelance jobs wanted by clients while freelancers like you are applying for them to get awarded to earn money after completing the project.

These jobs are almost uncountable for me (perhaps anyone else), and data entry is amongst them which is also a well-known type of job with tons of clients and workers.

If you are also a data entry worker or just want to make money from the internet, and someone had told you about it but in confusion about from where to start and how to find clients those need data entry jobs. Then you have just arrived in the right place, because here in this post, we are going to share some best freelancing sites where clients are posting jobs while freelancers are getting paid by performing these jobs.

Before you ask about data entry jobs on those sites, I quickly answer that being a daily visitor of below sites that I am about to share in this article, I have found hundreds of different data entry jobs posted on all of these sites by various clients. So by applying to those you can perform, you have bright chances to get at least one as a starting one!

What are the Sites to Find Home Data Entry Jobs

Well, so let explore in a few lines about few sites making use of which you can find data entry work and earn a few bucks. Without using those sites, you cannot make enough money through such jobs because these are the platforms that connect clients and freelancers to deal with each other about their projects.

People Per Hour

Peopleperhour comes first on my tongue whenever someone ask me about a freelance platform for each type of job, the fact is that I has good experience with this site, also I have made much money than any other platform as a freelancer. My profile is in excellent standard on there.

Since we are talking only about data entry jobs, such jobs being posted and goes before my eyes in hundreds on the daily basis. You can keep exploring the job’s page where the latest posted jobs by clients have appeared.

Up Work

Up Work is yet another great platform like the above one, clients are to post jobs with details of their needs, and freelancers who are willing to help in completing their projects can send them proposals. They interview them to check who the perfect one for their project is, to award to them.


Elance is yet another good site for both newbies and expert freelancers in data entry work.  You can quickly browse jobs to find out data entry from them and get in touch with the clients, telling them about your proficiency and accuracy as well as showing some previous work as a sample would have a good effect on them.


Fiverr is also a great yet a bit different type of site that I would highly recommend finding clients for you. Here the process is against as in above sites. Here customers will search for and order your services.

All you have to create a gig and promote it to get some customers for it. Some people will also read it using the main site search as it has tons of clients, and they may find what your services are all about.

So, if you did not have an idea of these sites, you should start creating accounts there in the next minute, and I am sure you will feel better in the next few weeks (by getting some jobs).

About the Author: Basheer Ahmad is a student and freelancer who use the above platforms to get a job including data entry jobs in order to earn money at their spare time. You can connect with him on Twitter.