How to Attract Maximum Attention to your Event

The best way to do something is understand by the end what you’re doing.

We understood it completely when we met together. We are the team of professional lovers of our case. And it is the main reason why are you reading this article.

We want to tell you a little about our work. Every day a lot of power and energy we are spending on creating new design. Trying to be modern and complying with current trends and developments of web design, it is very important to always remember the main thing – if we do something, we are doing it the best way. And based on this, now we understand that we are trends.


If design is a big part of your life you can understand everything. Here is our website Styleflyers.com. A lot of people every day visit it to find new beautiful flyers for promoting events and inviting new clients for their business.

We have 3 categories of PSD flyers. For those who are fond of football, tennis competitions or watching hockey matches we are expanding our collection of sport flyer templates.

For lucky owners of travel agencies there are a lot of PSD travel flyers. They can suit all tastes because they all are different and have an idea inside.

But the biggest set we have it is our party flyers. We are trying to make them bright, sometimes cheerful, but sometimes just elegant and in minimal style.

We want our work to be important. We want our clients – to come back again. And because of this anyone can get Membership on Styleflyers.


There are a lot of reasons why to be with us. You can choose us and we can be partners. If you are interested in PSD design or want many different flyers and ideas, you can visit us and use just style flyers!

About the author : Olga Vayner is a designer with 8 years of experience. After graduating from University as a bachelor of art and visual communication in Kherson, she have worked in typography were had a chance to knew a lot about printing process. After that, there were several years as a graphic designer in in design studio, where she have met a lot of talented designers, whom she is still working with. She Also was part of the team who worked on GraphicRiver. After that she was a freelancer on elance, with clients all over the world. And now a part of Styleflyers family! A lot of talented people she’s working with that inspire her for new ideas and creativity.