Top 25 Best Chrome Extensions

Most of us know that web browsers have become quite productive and we no longer call them as tools to visit websites. Of course, all of the web browsers have their own advantage and disadvantage, but Google Chrome remains to be the best choice when you require highly productive, multi-purpose and extension-rich web browser.

Just like the way you have to be watchful while selecting any web browser, you also have to make sure that you install the best Chrome extensions available in the store. Here, we have listed top 25 Google Chrome extensions which are categorized in such a way that it would allow you to find the required extensions easily.

Chrome Extensions For Privacy, Internet Security, and Ad Blocking

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is considered to be among the most well-known Google Chrome extensions as it cleans your web pages by removing irritable advertisements from sidebars and other places. This free plugin can also block different type of ads like animated ads, pop-ups, and other ads. It also provides great level of protection not only from tracking but also from malware. It must be kept in mind that Adblock Plus doesn’t put any end to web ads, it just allows a certain set of acceptable ads which doesn’t interrupt your web browsing experience. Also, this is an open-source extension which can be customized too.

2. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin in an another great extension when it comes to blocking interrupting content from your web pages. By use of this plugin, you can easily get rid of ads in quite an effective way. For example, instead of blocking all the ads, you get the option to integrate few lists within the blocking process so that the tool also knows about ads which are required to be blocked. Although it provides support to different host file-based filter, it is also known for its lower CPU memory usage.

3. Blur

Blur is a perfect friend of yours in case you wish to live in a world which is full of privacy threats along with online frauds. By using Blur, you can do various tasks, like managing your passwords or securing the online payments and in case you wish to have better privacy option by taking action against tracking and others. Some of its nascent features consist of protection from non-cookie based tracking along with disallowing the companies from collecting data, auto-fill options from the saved credit cards, and ability to create encrypted passwords with its strong algorithm. By adding multi-platform support, it secures you to a huge extend.

4. Hola Better Internet

This free extension provides free yet impressively effective Virtual Private Network of VPN into you Chrome which allows you to browse without revealing the identity of yours to anyone who is trying to track you. You also get an option to access different websites which are not available in your geographical are due to stuff like censorship. Along with this, it is quite known for offering quicker internet connection which is not only stable but also less data-consuming.

5. LastPass

Originating from one of the most famous password managers, LastPass extension comes with a solution for individuals who need to manage a large number of passwords. By setting up this extension in your browser, you can have a master password and only password that you need to remember. There are lots of other capabilities which are in store for you like the ability to save files, credentials, and others that wish to keep safe. This tool also increases your online security via its multi-factor authentication and replacing weaker passwords, to name a few. In case you are ready to shell out some money, then you can also get its premium version which comes with additional features.

6. WOT

WOT is among the most famous extensions which allow you to evaluate the trustworthiness of a website or a service in a fast manner. Whenever you are in a website, all you have to do is click the WOT button, and you can find different details regarding site reputation, based on experiences of other users and their reviews. There are two signs, red and green which allows you to decide trustworthiness of any site quite easily. Along with this, you get an option to add you own reviews about the website just from the window. The WOT scores are calculated by compiling different reviews from the user community.

7. Click&Clean

Click&Clean is one of the well-known Chrome plugins which allows you to analyze the web browsing tasks to find whether your data is somehow vulnerable to compromises such as surveillance. There are few tasks that this extension will provide the help you like, it can also set an option to clear your browsing history data automatically, whenever you close your Chrome window and to scan your computer for malware.

8. HTTPS Everywhere

We all know that HTTPS is a credible sign of both trust and security especially when it comes to private and confidential data like credentials of payments and other. This plugin switches numerous sites to HTTPS from the non-secure HTTP.  By this, it protects you from various threats such as private hijacking, surveillance, frauds which are present everywhere. In case you are quite concerned about security and privacy of browsing data, then this extension is quite useful.

Chrome Extensions for Reading & Content Curation

9. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is quite known as an inventory to save different notes, images, web pages and anything you think is important to you and you also require easy access. This tool allows you to add articles that you have read, images that you have and other things that you stumble upon into the Evernote inventory with just a simple click.

10. Readability

This is a Chrome extension which makes web articles in a way that you can actually read in both convenient and impressive form. It comes with two options – Read Now and Read Later. If you switch to Read Now, it will clean other parts of the website and will present you ready-to-read content in your browser screen in few seconds. In case you go with Read Later part, you can easily save the intended article for reading it later. It also has deep integration with both Facebook and Twitter when it comes to sharing, a feature to organize your reading list.

11. Save to Pocket

Pocket is a service which allows you to save articles and web content for offline access. This extension allows you to save website content to your Pocket such that you can easily read it later either in your smartphone or Tablet PC. Save to Pocket remains to be quite usable when it comes to integration with Chrome context menu, the ability to add various tags. You can also create keyboard shortcuts in order to save your web pages to Pocket. It also comes with a toolbar button for instant access.

Chrome Extensions for integration with Google Services

12. Google Dictionary

People who have difficulty understanding the words while browsing, this extension is must-have. This extension is intuitive as all you have to double click on the word to see the meaning of the word via a pop-up. It supports English as well as different languages, and you can certainly rely on this plugin especially when you are going through a jargon-filled content or article. There is an option to hear the pronunciation of the word too.

13. URL Shortener

This tool is quite useful especially for the people who like to share links on a frequent basis. It allows you to create short URL of any page with a simple click on the corresponding toolbar button. It also provides features like the ability to use any keyboard shortcut to make short URL, auto-copy it to the clipboard, QR Code and also the option to share the link via different services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

14. Google Calendar

This extension provides a simple Google Chrome toolbar button by using which you can obtain and add events as you browse. In case there are details of any event mention in a web page which you wish to visit, then you may require an event-based reminder regarding it. If you have this extension, then you can do this within few seconds. It also comes with an option to view all the events that you may have added to your calendar.

15. Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar is a particular search engine which indexes all the scholarly articles and makes them quite accessible from anywhere. This extension allows you to perform searches without any requirement to add a new tab. After installing the Google Scholar button, all you have to do is click on the button after duly selecting the text or any phrase you wish to search. With the opening section, you can also find search results with different options for quoting any of the associated scholarly articles.

16. Google Input Tools

This tool remains to one of the must-have extension especially for those who wish to type in any language. The reason to use this extension is that you can easily type many languages without any requirement to install a desktop software. There come different methods not only to type, like in-script, transliteration and even handwriting mode and you can choose any convenient method.

17. Boomerang for Gmail

This extension is for email-scheduling service. It integrates with Gmail interface and allows you to schedule and track email messages which you wish to send. Its email schedule is quite unique and useful feature as it allows you to send drafted mails whenever you wish to want, even when you are offline. There is an option even to postpone the arrival of few messages which enables you to keep your inbox clean, and you will only see the messages when it’s the best time for you.

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

18. Pushbullet

This extension brings your Android Smartphone to your computer and to you Chrome screen. Using this, it is possible to manage different sections of your Android phone like messages songs, images, links, etc. There are different things which you can accomplish like chatting with friends, sending links or files, to your smartphone, from the desktop and also get notifications via Chrome notification system whenever these files arrive in your devices. This extension is lightweight, and you need to install the Pushbullet app on your smartphone.

19. Awesome Screenshot

You may be familiar with Awesome Screenshot if you wish to capture screen. UI of this extension is quite simple which allows anyone to start screen capturing within seconds. Even though this extension is low regarding size, yet it allows you take screenshots and even edit them by adding various effects like blur and even adding annotations. You also get the option to upload these screenshots on any image sharing platform. It now comes with an added support for working with Google Drive.

20. Chrome Remote Desktop

Have you ever wish to use your smartphone to control your PC – just like the way you do it by TeamViewer. If you answer is yes, then you can certainly install this productive extension to carry out different tasks. To do so, you have to install the Remote Desktop app on your smartphone running on Android while adding the extension in Chrome. After creation of this, and done with the installation, you can then start to control your computer via your smartphone screen. The impressive quality of this extension is its cross-platform availability.

21. Google Chrome to Phone Extension

This extension allows you to send different information like text, links, maps, etc. along with phone numbers to your own Android smartphone. In order to achieve that, you will require Chrome to Phone application which needs to be installed in the smartphone. If both of these are present, then this extension is quite a useful solution for numerous users who can’t afford the time to depend on a piece of paper and typing the entire text.

22. StayFocused

Just like its name suggests, this extension allows you to keep focus whenever you are working. This Self-restriction is quite useful and productive as it allows you to restrict the time you actually spend on addictive websites such as Facebook and others. This extension is highly-configurable which can be used to set limits on the time that you spend online. You also get an option to set site based limits.

23. I’m a Gentleman

In case you require to download a large number of photos, then this extension is a must-have. After installing this extension, you can easily setup a short key in order to download images. To achieve that, you have to hold ‘Alt’ button and then click on the image. Within few seconds, the image will get downloaded on your computer. This extension increases your productivity.

24. AutoPagerize

As we all know that Google Search Engine Results are available in various pages and then you have to click on the ‘next’ when you are finished with any pages of search result. This extension allows you to see the next page whenever you reach the bottom of the current page. This doesn’t come with customization options, but you can easily switch off this feature in case you don’t require them. You can also see an icon present right to the URL whenever this extension is active on any particular web page.

25. Hover Zoom

This extension is another productivity-based tool which works well whenever you wish to have a good user experience. Just like the name suggests, it displays the full image whenever you hover on a smaller version of any image. This tool is quite useful especially when you are browsing through image galleries. It also has an option to resize the images in case they don’t find the window. Along with that, this extension provides support for video file too, the feature to disable zooming on any websites, or any trigger-based zooming and others.

With this, we end our list of top 25 Google Chrome extensions which can certainly boost your productivity along with efficiency. Try these extensions and let us know your reviews and suggestions. In case you wish to inform us about other extensions which you find useful and is not mentioned on this list, then mention them in the comment section below. You can also suggest any changes you wish to have on