Best Caterers in Jaipur


One thing without which any event remains incomplete is Catering. Here is the entire list of top caterers in Jaipur which you can approach to avail catering services.

Ganpati Caterers

Ganpati Caterers is one of the leading and finest Catering service providers in Jaipur. Being established in the year 1996, they have served many reputed clients with their hospitality and great taste of their cuisines.

This establishment is situated in the main city of Jaipur in the area Chandpole Bazaar, near Shree Radha Jewellers. The locality is quite familiar to almost every resident of Jaipur, which makes them easily approachable.

This catering company is well renowned and is always at their best to serve their customers in all the categories of events formal or informal, such as Weddings, Parties, Concerts, Exhibitions, and many more.

They have a dedicated team and a courteous staff which aims to win the hearts of their clients by their hospitality and the best quality food. The menu offered by them is vast and includes a huge variety of delicious cuisines. The company accepts payments in Cash and Cheque.

They are functional all days in the week between 10am to 6pm.

Gyanjee Sweet and Caterers

Gyanjee Caterers had been in this business for a long time and has a great history of delivering exquisite cuisines at every event. This company got Established in the year 1988 and aims at providing world-class catering services in all categories of events. When it comes to food, leave the details to them, and they will do their best to serve you. They have their office setup on Bhagwan Das Road in C-scheme, Jaipur, which is a very prime location. They offer extensive menu with Italian, Continental and Indian. In terms of payments, they accept Cash, Cheque and NEFT. Customers can easily reach them between 9.30am-9.30pm from Monday – Saturday.

Apple Caterers

Apple Caterers is a pioneer and a trustworthy name in the city when it comes to catering services. They are located near Pink Square, Govind Marg, Jaipur and the company has a well trained and professional team which is dedicated to providing the best hospitality and quality food to their clients. Apple caterers have vast experience in providing services in various events such as Corporates, Birthday parties and Weddings to name a few. This catering service provider has an extensive menu comprising delicious cuisines, and they cover the food and beverages. Operating on all days of the week, one can reach out to them between 9am -7pm and can pay through various methods such as Cash, Debit card, Credit card and Cheques.

ML caterers

This catering service provider got themselves established in the year 2000 and is currently situated at Sanganer, Jaipur. The company provides personalised catering services in corporate events, anniversary parties, birthday parties, theme parties, weddings and many more. They have a dedicated team with a passion for serving each of their clients with the best quality food along with great hospitality. The menu has a variety of cuisines with Thai, Mexican, Lebanese, Talian, Chinese and Indian. ML Caterers is a trusted name and is a top-notch food caterer in Jaipur with years of experience. The company accepts Cash payments and operates all days in a week between 9am -8.30pm.

Shree Caterers

Another big name in catering services is Shree Caterers which got established in the year  2016. Despite being new in the industry, this company has shown excellent results by showing their dedication to the catering service and aims to serve their best to their clients. They are located in Lal Kothi, Jaipur near Hotel Gumaan Heritage. They have large trained in house workforce and are pioneered in the art of catering and hospitality. Their menus are inventive and delicious with cuisines such as Lebanese, Italian, Greek, Indian and a lot more. One can look forward to them for any kind of event and occasions, be it corporate, birthday or private parties, wedding reception etc. Clients can make payments in modes such as Cash, Visa and cheques. Their operational hours are from 12pm-6pm all days in a week.

SHREE Laxminath Caterers

This establishment started its journey in 2010. It is situated in Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur. It is among the top player in the entire category of caterers in Jaipur. It is quite a popular establishment which acts as a one-stop destination for providing catering services to customers from both local and other parts of Jaipur. Over the years, it has earned a stellar reputation in the industry. It believes in offering best customer satisfaction. It achieves this by offering the best quality food and catering services to the customers which have led to a massive number of customers. It has kept on growing over the years. It employs experienced people who are dedicated to their respective roles and give extra efforts to achieve the vision along with the goal of the company. In the upcoming future, this catering service wishes to extend its entire line of products as well as services to larger client base. It is situated in a prominent location in Vidhyadhar Nagar. It is in Sector-6, near Siddharth School that makes it easier for the customers to locate it easily. It is known for its services of catering at occasions like weddings, birthday parties, as well as catering for office parties.

It has a wide range of variety of products as well as services which cater to the various requirements of the customers. The staff of this catering services is well-trained, courteous and prompt at providing any type of assistance. They answer any type of queries readily. You can pay for the products or the service with quite an ease through various payment methods such as Cash, Credit Card, and Cheques. It is open from 00:00 to 23.59.

Agarwal Caterers

This catering service was established in the year 1985. It is situated in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. It is an acknowledged establishment. It has impressed countless customers with its highly impressionable catering services. It has oriented best of the resource with commitment and dedication towards catering services. It has set high standards of hospitality as well as the service industry. It utilizes locally sourced spices and ingredients to create multi-cuisine dishes. It is quite a competent play in the industry and provides services to all types of occasions such as a birthday or private party, wedding reception, corporate events etc. It is situated near Science Park in Shastri Nagar. It is without a doubt among the premium caterers in Jaipur.

It aims to provide services as per the requirements and preferences of its customers. It covers all type of food as well as beverage arrangements along with dining hall décor. Its staff is quite presentable as well as courteous in interacting and serving the guests. It modifies its entire services in order to match all types of preferences and budgets of the customer. It operates on all days of the entire week, and you can reach out to them between 8:00  a.m to 22:00 p.m.

Shree Karni Caterers

Established in the year 2016, it is among the most popular caterers in Jaipur situated at Sikar road. It is one of the major players in Event organizer category in Jaipur. It is a one-stop destination for customers all over the Jaipur. It has earned immense reputation in the catering industry and has established as a prominent catering service. It strives best for offering customer satisfaction through its wide range of products as well as services which has helped it in garnering a huge number of customers which keeps on growing every day. It employs some of the best professionals in the catering industry who aims to provide dedicated services to their customers and play their respective roles as an essential part of the company. They work in accordance with the vision as well as the goals of the company. This company aims to achieve more market penetration in the years to come. It is well-accessible to people on Sikar Road. Various modes of transport are readily available to reach there. It is among the top service providers in categories of flower decorators, caterers and tent house. It has a wide range of unique products as well as services to serve the variety of needs of the customers. Its staff is highly experienced and professional and offer prompt service and assistance to the customers. It allows payment for products and services through various modes such as Cash and Cheques. It is functional from 9:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Bhavya Caterers

Founded in the year 2000, it is the market leader in the catering industry, situated in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. It has gained fame for its catering services. It has successfully provided its service to a wide number of people. It offers best-in-class services owing to its excellent management practices. It fully utilizes its resources with great dedication as well as commitment to live up to the expectations of its customers. It uses locally sourced ingredients as well as spices, maintaining high-quality food. It is a competent organization which offers services for various occasions like weddings, corporate events, private party etc. It can easily be located in Vishwakarma Colony, Shastri Nagar. It is one of the premium caterers in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur. It aims to provide products as well as services according to taste, demands as well as the preferences of the customers. It has extensive arrangement facility for both food and beverages along with dining hall décor services. Its staff is well-trained and courteous and listens calmly to the queries of the customers and duly answer them with patience. It operates on every day of the week and can be easily reached out between 10:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Gold & White Caterers

After getting established in the year 2015, this catering service continued to grow rapidly in the industry. It is located in Mansarovar, Jaipur and remains to be a prominent catering establishment. It boats of numerous satisfied clients that it has served over the years. It is fully committed to providing the best services and products to its customers. Its catering services live up to the expectations of the customers. It is a responsible company which puts customers above all and puts its best foot forward to provide best-in-class products as well as services. It has a wide range of dishes as well as multi-cuisine options. It provides services for a plethora of events such as wedding reception, conferences, birthday parties, etc. It can easily be located at Swarna Path, Mansarovar. It is undoubtedly among the best caterers in the entire Mansarovar area of Jaipur. It aims to provide its products as well as services to meet the requirements of its customers. It covers all type of food as well as beverage arrangements. Its staff is well-trained and highly-efficient. The people that are employed by this particular company are very courteous and helping in nature. It operates on all weekdays. One can easily reach out to this company between 8:30 a.m. to 18:30 p.m.