What is NFC? Advantages of NFC and Making Full Use Of It

It is time to lock your purses, wallets and big pocket outfits in your wardrobe. Just pick your smartphone and go out for shopping, long trips, vacations and much more.

Hey! are you worried about going without your credit/debit cards. Oh! Then just relax, just like your train tickets, loyalty cards, bus passes vanished, your credit/debit cards are also about to disappear.

In this feature, you will get to know What is NFC? Moreover, everything else you wanted to know about NFC.

Near Field Communication (NFC) made our smartphones smarter. NFC establishes a radio communication using punch out catalogs between our smartphone and other devices by touching together, hence make a smartphone work as a smart card, allow smartphones to read NFC tags and also allow communication between two NFC-enabled devices.

Working of NFC

It is a simple procedure where using radio frequency, a small amount of data transferred between two devices that are kept only a few cms away.

In stores, just by tapping your smartphone on the NFC-enabled wireless payment terminal, they get your account information, and they get the payment using the app on your phone.

Similarly NFC tags on smart posters, in trains, buses, shops, restaurants are placed, which can be read just by tapping on. These NFC tags may contain information like discount vouchers, a timetable of bus or train, special offers and much more.The peer to peer mode gives the ability to transfer contact by touch between two devices.

Mobile wallet or Digital Wallet

Presently a topic of debate between the mobile company and finance company is a mobile wallet or digital wallet.’mobile wallet’ i.e. only your smartphone act as your card or ‘digital wallet’ that is not tied up to phone only but can be accessed using laptops, iPad and more.

Differences within NFC

Though NFC allow communication between two devices but there is a difference. It has peer to peer mode allow us to exchange information regarding business card and contacts and its card emulation mode recognizes the phone as a credit card.

Smartphones having NFC

There are many best and midrange handsets having NFC from Samsung, L.G, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and HTC (In April 2014, Apple introduced Apple Pay for NFC-enabled mobile payments for the latest iPhone version 6 and 6 Plus).You can check List of NFC phones here.As NFC being supported by Android, it also includes Android tablets.

NFC is currently under trial phase, so not required in our phones, but very soon it’s going to be the future.So, I hope this explains a lot about NFC If somebody asks you What is NFC? You can share this post with them.