Top 10 Freelance Job Sites in 2015

From past seven years, I have seen many freelance job sites that have allowed hundreds and thousands of people work from home.

I am one of them. I have learned many things from these part-time opportunities.

Slowly and slowly you build your profile and one day you get ample of work that can style your living. You can even start your own business, hire people and provide them jobs. Everything seems so superficial, but everything is possible on the Internet.

When I started my career as a freelancer, I used to search for jobs on a one site, I relied entirely on that. After a while when I expanded my online business, I was comfortably getting much higher paying jobs, and they not only paid me high but also I had to spend less time than before. All this was a big achievement for me.

I have not used all of the freelancing job sites, but I’ve undoubtedly touched base with the major ones. Many of those gave me enough money in my saving account. Today, I have made a list of all those good sites, as I feel it’s time to give back to the community.

So, while I work from home today as well, I have opened my own business and I have freedom to do all sort of things I could have dreamed of. Listed here are some of the best freelance job sites that you can use to earn your living. Best of luck and remember build your profile first clients will follow automatically.


Every freelancer will be happy with Upwork (previously oDesk), due the vast number of clients ( almost 2 million) it has. With both long-term and short-term projects, entry-level, hourly, expert level and per-project based work can be found here. So, If you are beginner or intermediate or an expert in your field Upwork has something for all.


You will find thousand of active projects that include writing, web development, programming, graphic design, research and administrative.

All the payments are handled by Elance and they charge about 8.75% of what you ask of your clients. When your job is done, clients pay you and they deduct their fee and transfer the rest to you.They have several plans, and they offer additional benefits and features on them. Basic plan of Elance is totally free.


Freelancer is another popular website that has million of projects in it. This site allows you to compete with other registered freelancers, this means you can prove your skills with the help of contents. For a client, these type of contests will assist them in select freelancers with certain abilities.


Craigslist is another super site that help you fetch jobs in the freelancing sector. Most of the people know Craiglist as a trading and selling platform, but it also has categories where freelancers are expected to gain a lot. Many of my clients have come from Craigslist and they pay well.


You can showcase your past works and experiences that in turn will get offers from a job-matching system Guru has developed. Its management can be easily managed with Guru Work Room.


Basically, Behance is an online marketplace for showcasing your work and prior job assignments, but it also has search for part-time job and other freelancing opportunities.

8.Freelance Writing Gigs

This website is another great resource for bloggers, editors, publishers, writers. Writing jobs here are easy to find, and it provides a good interface for the ease of clients.

9. Toptal

Toptal is a bit different from others in the list. It has some big clients like JPMorgan, Airbnb, Zendesk and more. This means you get more money, no low-bid games, but you need to be at the top of your talent. Toptal also has a community that stay connected with regular meetups and events in the tech industry.

10. Peopleperhour

With Peopleperhour platform you can get jobs in various fields especially forweb developers, SEO guys and designers can find some really interesting part-time jobs as well.

That is it.

Try your luck with these freelance job sites and I am sure you would find a project in no time. These websites have tons of features that keep you posted about new jobs, so it is advisable to make an account on several and keep exploringjobs that fall under your area of expertise. Moreover, before I forgot, I should also tellyou to keep your patience level high and in time you get your deserved results.