Best Travel Apps of 2015

Get the most out of your mobile devices while travelling.

If you are not travelling, it is probably the best time to do it. The biggest season of travelling is upon us and be ready for long cues and heavy traffic on roads. One thing that you need to carry and which is a must is your smartphone, don’t leave it or forget it as apps inside can help you a lot while travelling.

This article consists of the best travel apps for iPhone, iPad and Android apps that flying guys like you should never leave behind.

Your travel experience can significantly improve if you have a currency converter, restaurant finder and also an app that helps in packing each travel essential on your fingertips. Once you go through a trip with all of these in hand, you will be willing to know how could you travel without them anymore.

Kayak(Free)-iOS| Android

When booking multi-city flights Kayak can find you some nifty deals on hotels and car rentals. It can also track your flight and plan an itinerary especially for you. One of the best apps for multi-booking right now.


Stay is a complete package, it will work as a travel guide book. It can download maps and info of entire cities, you will never be lost or will miss a place to visit while traveling. (iOS)

HotelTonight -iOS | Android

One this app you will find the last minute deals for hotels rooms from all around the globe. Advance bookings can also be made through this app. An excellent way to make a weekend or surprise long drives to a city nearby.


It’s a mix of Instagram and Tripadvisor, people upload photos and submit recommendations. (Android, iOS)


A tool for getting deals on local and international flights. It compares prices from different operators, timings and also check the charter flights where you get incredible deals. (Android, iOS)


All those languages in your pocket, with flashcard creation and no need for a Wi-Fi zone. It falls under a study category, but it has a potential to save your time where language becomes the problem. (Android, iOS)


It’s a multi-platform app, which enables you to add itinerary on your vacation. Then it helps you schedule, get directions, find local maps, see weather updates and even organize all booking confirmation emails. (Android, iOS)


As the name suggest, this app will help you choose the best possible Lounge according to your trip, sometimes your connecting flight is hours away, there where LoungeBuddy will come in handy. (Android, iOS)


In travelling mood, you sometimes forget about packing essetials, this app will keep you updated with what you need. It asks you few questions on your trip – like days, location, gender and trip type. (iOS, Android and BlackBerry)


Check out rating on hotels, restaurants, tourist places. With reviews, images and videos from all over the world, you can also get your favorite food and check fares of almost everything. (Android, iOS)

WiFi Finder

It’s no joy when you have a smartphone without WiFi; most of the data plans in every country are never light on your pocket. WiFi finder will tell you the nearest free WiFi zones and guide to that particular place.iOS, Android or Windows Phone

XE Currency

Get latest updates on currency exchange rates and fees.iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


It has a powerful hotel and flight search engine that has integrated with heat maps for shopping, eating and fun areas around your hotel. Flight search has a feature like duration, total stops and other tidbits. An app that’s worth checking out for both iOS and Android users that travel for business or fun.iOS and Android.


I hope you must have liked my choices of best travel apps, do send your suggestions and comments so that we can improve this list.