Top 3 Colorful Places to Visit in England during Autumn Colours

England during Autumn

Nothing makes the autumn season more magical than natureís display of colour in preparation for winter. Sure, it is usually a preamble for a cold and unforgiving season but it is also a time when the trees and other plants that blossomed throughout summer are about to show their most colourful side.

The best time to experience these autumn colours is in Mid-to-late-October. Thatís usually when you get to experience the great combination of yellow, orange and brown as the trees prepare to shed their leaves for the winter season.

Regardless, autumn colours are nothing to be ignored and we created a list of some of the most colourful places to visit during autumn colours.

King Alfredís Tower walk: Stourhead, Wiltshire

King Alfredís Tower walk is among the most iconic places to see the autumn colours. This walk is especially great because it provides you with the chance of watching the autumn colours at their finest and, at the same time, experiencing a piece of history.

The tour involves a 5-miles circular walk through the mixed woodlands after which you will return through Park Hill Camp Iron Age Hill Fort and Turnerís Paddock. Along the way, you will get to see King Alfredís Tower, a 160ft tall folly that was designed by Henry Flitcroft for Henry Hoare II back in 1722.

Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire

Located in Wye Valley and surrounded by wooden slopes that create some of the most picturesque views during autumn. This ancient woodland has trees and moss-covered boulders that can be enjoyed by climbing the limestone outcrop above the river.

Additionally, Tintern Abbey offers great historical views to its visitors.

Westonbirt National Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Westonbirt is located near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. It is renowned for its breathtaking views of more than 10,000 trees. Some of these trees include a collection of maples such as the Japanese maple. During autumn, Westonbirt is awash with an amazing kaleidoscope of scarlet, yellows and oranges.

All you need to do to get there is hike the 985 feet long walkway that gives you a great birdís eye view into this spectacular canopy.

Bedgebury, Kent

Bedgebury features some of Britainís most dated conifers right in the midst of Bedgebury National Pinetum. The forest has more than 12,000 trees making its autumn season colourful.

To enjoy the forest to its maximum you will have 3 walking trails and 3 cycling trails. There are also 4 orienteering trails and waymarked running trails for people who wish to exercise and experience this colourful display at the same time.

You donít even have to carry your own bike, you can hire from within the forest.

Bodenham Arboretum, Worcestershire

The Bodenham arboretum is one of the UKís finest and most tranquil places to visit. It gets better during autumn because more than 300 species of trees create the most beautiful displays of colour and beauty.

Nothing feels more peaceful than visiting the large pool at the centre of the arboretum surrounded by ornamental trees. If you live near Worcestershire, consider making your way to this magical place next autumn and experience this natureís gift. You can hire a vehicle here for a more convenient means of transportation.

The place is opened 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm. You can walk with your dogs as long as they are leashed. You will also be provided with all the necessary amenities such as toilets.


Autumn is, indeed, one of the most incredible seasons in England. Donít let anything stop you from enjoying this natureís gift. The temperatures are not yet intolerable and the sights themselves allow you to appreciate natureís beauty at its truest form. Donít miss out on the opportunity to enjoy nature at its truest form next autumn, step outside and immerse yourself in autumn colours.