The Mountains Are Calling: Tips to Plan a Trip to Eastern Tennessee

Trip to Eastern Tennessee

Are you planning a romantic getaway to escape the COVID blues with your partner? Or perhaps, you want to break the monotony with your family and have an outdoor adventure without breaking safety norms.

The United States is the ultimate country for state-to-state road trips, and Eastern Tennessee is a treasure trove of splendors. It’s the top destination for a weekend getaway, a week-long trip, or even an on-foot excursion. Nature lovers can enjoy thrilling hikes and adventures in the Smoky Mountains. The region is famous for rip-roaring water rafting adventures on the Pigeon River and picturesque views on the Appalachian Trail.

If the mountains are calling, you must respond to nature’s invitation with graciousness and glee. Keep reading to note down some essential tips that will infuse your trip with unforgettable memories.

Planning & Preparations

It’s always nice to hit the road without a care in the world and zero plans whatsoever. But is it practical? Vacations cost an enormous sum of money, and planning helps us ensure this money is put to fair use. It is crucial to ensure your comfort, safety, and entertainment and avoid unpleasant and unsafe surprises.

Accommodation is the first thing you must sort out, especially if you’re traveling with children, seniors, or pets. Safety and hygiene are crucial considerations, and you also want to enjoy a luxury that’s worth your hard-earned money. All travelers have individual preferences and requirements. Are you looking for pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg with a spectacular view? Or perhaps, you want to hitch a tent on the scenic camping grounds at the Pigeon River?

Do you plan on cooking your meals, or will you explore local cuisines and delicacies? Map out a plan to make sure your journey is brimming with cultural experiences and nature-feasting.

A Flexible Budgeting

Are you planning a road trip or catching a flight with your family? The travel costs depend entirely on the medium of transport and your destination. Budgeting is the first step of any endeavor. It involves spending in limit, making traveling comfortable and fun.

How many days are you planning to spend in East Tennessee? You have to account for hotel rooms, food, commuting/fuel costs, entertainment and entry fees, miscellaneous expenses, and an emergency fund. Always leave out a sum as an emergency fund if something goes wrong so your budget can make room.

A Solid Itinerary

Planning an itinerary doesn’t mean that you’re unspontaneous and rigidly stick to plans and checklists. It’s essential to plan an itinerary when you’re exploring a region as vast and rich as East Tennessee. It will take months to explore all that the area offers in terms of natural beauty, adventure, and entertainment.

You can walk any path to entice and delight your inner explorer, and the journey will be memorable and life-changing. Adventure lovers can explore the breathtaking Appalachian Trail or feel one with nature at the Cherokee National Forest. The Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg are also famous for mind-blowing wildlife encounters, ice skating, and water rafting.

You can also plan a cultural exploration and explore local traditions, cuisines, and music. For instance, you can connect with the roots of country music in Bristol, the genre’s birthplace. Or you can have romantic picnics under the shadow of the magnificent dogwood trees, snacking on biscuits and cornbread.

Families can plan educational trips to excellent museums, art galleries, theatres, action-packed shows, and family entertainments. It’s best to start with a solid plan, and you can always improve and get spontaneous when the opportunity arises.

Romantic Getaways

Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains are famous romantic getaways. The picturesque views and scenic vistas infuse the environment with love and beauty, encouraging couples to rekindle their romance. Imagine soaking in hot tubs while sipping red wine and feasting your eyes on the magnificent scenery.

The Smoky Mountains invite couples with glorious mountain views, romantic cabins, and heavenly camping grounds. You can plan any adventure that you and your partner wholly enjoy. Suppose you prefer luxury cabins with charming wooden interiors and toasty fireplaces. In that case, an opulent cabin is a terrific idea for special occasions.

You can spend days exploring the lush and breathtaking trails of the Smoky Mountains and having picnics in blooming orchards. You can watch the stunning Tennessee sunsets and take a scenic ride on the Gatlinburg Sky Lift.


The Smoky Mountains are a splendid destination for family vacations, romantic getaway, and adrenaline-pumping adventures. More than 60% of Americans can reach Gatlinburg with a day’s drive, making it an ideal road trip destination. East Tennessee is brimming with an abundance of adventures, entertainment, delightful gastronomic experiences, museums, cultural beauty, and much more.

We must reiterate the significance of planning an itinerary to avoid being steered into multiple directions. Do your research, explore different attractions and create a mental picture of the activities you’d like to enjoy. It’s also wise to do the budgeting before leaving home, which again brings us back to the itinerary.