Make Your Solo Trip Safe: 5 Vacation Rental Sites for Women

Vacation Rental Sites

In recent years, solo women travelers have increased dramatically in numbers all over the world. Modern-day women feel more empowered and confident while traveling alone. This empowerment stems from globalization and the rapid digitalization of the travel industry.

Female travelers have a wealth of information resources and digital tools that facilitate commuting, accommodation, entertainment, and safety. Given the alarming statistics on crimes against women across different regions and cultures, it’s crucial to prioritize their safety.

How can they do that? Research is a powerful strategy to examine crime rates, explore safe accommodations, and interact with solo women travelers online. It’s also crucial to choose destinations and vacation rental sites that are safe and populated by solo women travelers. We’ve created an exciting list of vacation destinations that invite solo women travelers for exciting and safe travel experiences.

Here, take a look:

Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the leading destinations for metropolitan travelers, and it’s the safest city to explore in Germany. Crime rates in Munich are meager, making it a safe destination to move around and explore. The locals are very welcoming and loving, and female travelers find it easy to fit in and enjoy the cultural ambiance.

This Bavarian town is brimming with incredible adventures. Munich is the ideal destination to experience unmatched German hospitality and a cheerful outlook. You can feast on traditional street food and delicious baked treats or explore the Munich lifestyle with endless street-hopping adventures. It’s easy for women to enjoy affordable accommodations, rent safe Airbnb properties or stay with a local German family.

Smoky Mountains, United States

The Smoky Mountains region is one of the safest destinations to explore in Tennessee, United States. Dominated by scenic vistas, this breathtaking region receives throngs of solo female travelers and families all year round. Ladies can enjoy luxurious accommodations at the Downtown Gatlinburg Cabins and stay safe. The area is centrally-located and abuzz with travelers and tourists, making it an ideal accommodation for everyone.

Gatlinburg has much to offer to a solo female traveler desiring soul-searching and life-changing experiences. Mountain and nature lovers can explore hiking trails, indulge in thrilling water sports, or attend local festivals. It’s a terrific destination to connect with nature enthusiasts and join hiking groups and outdoor activities with like-minded travelers.

Saba, Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are increasingly popular amongst female travelers, and for a good reason. They are safe, idyllic communities that offer a strong sense of security and secure accommodations. Saba welcomes crowds of tourists who desire to lose themselves to nature’s glory and mountainside beauty. This Dutch Caribbean island is a splendid destination for hiking enthusiasts and water sports lovers.

It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy scuba diving and exploring breathtaking nature trails. But why is it recommended for solo female travelers? Whether you’re on a soul-searching expedition or couldn’t persuade your friends to come along, Saba is perfect for a beach vacation. You will find yourself connecting with a tight-knit and cheerful, outdoorsy community of hikers, divers, and nature lovers. The locals are friendly and hospitable.

Salzburg, Austria

One of the safest cities to visit in Europe, it’s the ultimate destination for artistically inclined and culturally aware women. Salzburg is indeed the crown jewel of Austria’s rich treasure trove of attractions. It’s a magical city of historical wonders, artistic masterpieces, architectural grandeur, traditional European culture, and gastronomic cuisines.

Women can explore Airbnb rentals or seek out female hostels and couch-surfing accommodations. The Austrian authorities are very responsive, and the overall community of Salzburg is close-knit, responsible, and friendly. Musical maestro Mozart’s hometown offers an abundance of charm and a storybook idealism that revives the soul. You can explore the majestic Hohnesalzburg Castle and then walk downhill to have a delightful picnic by the Salzach River. The local cafes entice travelers with savory baked treats and aromatic brews of coffee. If you plan meticulously, you can also attend the Salzburg Festival or the Rainbow Parade. Salzburg is famous for its epic festivals, and you can attend one by scheduling cleverly.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

If you’ve watched Schitt’s creek and you’ve mourned over the terrible fate written for Alex and Ted, you know Galapagos Islands. This picturesque little island, located in Ecuador, is ideal for budget travelers and wildlife lovers. It offers delightful opportunities to explore the habitats of rare and exotic birds, sea critters, and unique reptiles. People usually visit the Galapagos Islands to spend time with animals, conduct research, or explore the wildlife more closely. It’s an excellent choice for solo female travelers who want a budget-friendly and enriching outdoor experience.

You can connect with like-minded travelers and wildlife enthusiasts to share accommodations or rent a local space. Connecting with people of similar interests is incredibly easy!


If you’re planning a solo trip for the first time, you’re bound to feel anxious, alarmed, and panic-stricken. You can feel empowered by pouring your time and efforts towards research and learning as much as you can. Speaking some of the local languages and obtaining information regarding police, local helplines, and emergency services are crucial. Be sure to inform family members and friends and share your flight, accommodation, and itinerary details with them.