The 5 Best Tools for Understanding Your Customers


Let’s face it. Getting to know your customers better could be complicated. That’s true, particularly for a small business owner like you, with a very inadequate resource. Understanding tools to utilize and the amount of money to use on customer engagement isn’t simple. That’s true in spite of the vast ocean of digital tools at your own disposal.

Therefore, allow us to help you out. Below is a quick, practical list of some of the best tools for you to understand better your customers, allowing you to remain one step forward of the competition.

1. KISSmetrics

Did you know that KISSmetrics is a true powerhouse when we talk about understanding the behavior of your customers? This tool allows your business to produce rich customer profiles, allowing you to realize what your customers prefer.

Nonetheless, the breakdown of consumer-behavior is very much data-driven. It tracks where your customers go on mobile, tablet, or PC when interacting along with your online content.

2. Twitter Audience Insights

Do you have a Twitter account? If yes, you can utilize the insight tool of Twitter to determine the various lifestyle, occupations, demographics, interests, consumer behavior, and more. You will find literally many dimensions, too many to mention.

You can achieve this analysis on your followers or any type of ad campaign you run on Twitter. This is vital, as ads allow you to reach individuals who are not already your customers. You can also upload emails, and the social media platform will perform the demographic analysis on your list.

3. UserTesting

Do you wish to take it a step outside heatmap tools? Employing UserTesting allows you to get a video of real customers with the help of your actual app, product, or website for the first time. The best thing about it is that testers even explain on the video along with their concerns and insights in real-time as they finish an activity.

4. Google Analytics

Did you know that over ten million websites utilize Google Analytics? You can begin obtaining insight into your target market if you have Google Analytics set up for your site. You will like to concentrate on the Interests and Demographics sections of this platform. Generally, what you are trying to determine is the individuals who purchase items from you as well as their smoking guns regarding common denominators.

5. AidaForm

The biggest strength of this form creator depends on its simplicity. You can easily create online surveys and forms. These are very light enough to deliver to your peers but professional and customizable enough for your customers. What’s more, they also add the response analysis every small business requires.

Are You Ready to Understand Better Your Customers?

You now understand our five best tools for understanding your customers. Now, be certain to take the tangible steps toward learning more about the awesome folks who keep you in the business. Who knows? Maybe your efforts might result in more sales, referrals, and greater satisfaction.

Understanding who your target market is – their interests, behaviors, and demographics – is a massive multiplier you could utilize to drive growth.