Review: GroupBy Software Enriches eCommerce Data, Improving Website Functionality

eCommerce Data

When people search for products online, they’re looking for details — sizes, specifications, colors, makes, models, measurements, materials, and much more. While it’s important to have a good photo, it’s equally important to describe products as completely as possible. Details sell products.

This is in part why data enrichment is important.

It’s about giving customers what they expect to find, and providing information in a way that boosts conversion rates. Toronto software company GroupBy Inc. has introduced a solution called Groupby Enrich that allows companies to accomplish this.

The company, which offers a suite of eCommerce products, including GroupBy Enrich, is building on a history of providing proprietary applications to its customers that increases the effectiveness of their retail websites.

GroupBy Enrich – Conversion Rates

Data enrichment is all about leveraging useful, contextual product details that relay to customers why they should be buying a particular item, and the GroupBy Enrich solution accomplishes this.

Because there are many products that claim to do the same, retailers can face what feels like an insurmountable task when it comes to cleaning, organizing and classifying everything they sell on their sites.  A positive shopping experience comes from online retailers standardizing their product catalog to ensure the search is accurate with the right attributes.

The Bottom Line

Let’s be candid: When product descriptions are insufficient, incomplete, or incorrect, customers will simply leave to look elsewhere, and chances are they won’t be back. But when data is enriched to provide such information, it motivates customers to make better purchasing decisions, hence the conversion rates mentioned above.

GroupBy Enrich identifies the details that are important, cleaning up errant information, normalizing redundant data, and standardizing all data on an eCommerce site to ensure consistency throughout the site. It also fills in gaps for attributes that show relatively low coverage, and improves accuracy and search findability.

Key Features

A key feature of the solution is its ability to define an articulation strategy for both retailers’ current and future product catalogs.  This is done by using industry-standard terms and vocabulary to streamline product data, define custom guidelines for branded products and ensuring that products are correctly represented on retailers’ websites.

By organizing data in a consistent manner, the software eliminates confusion for customers, making product pages easy for them to understand and leading to conversions.

It also improves search performance and relevancy by aligning online shoppers’ search vocabulary and product records, and by improving low-converting terms through the use of those that are based on industry standards.

Additional Benefits

GroupBy Enrich uses proper language, terms, and synonyms to describe products, which makes retail websites SEO friendly, so it appears more prominently in search results, especially in organic searches. For customers, it makes the online shopping experience faster, easier, and less frustrating, leading to greater conversion rates and increasing the odds of turning visitors into return customers. Who doesn’t want that?

For eCommerce product managers and merchandisers who struggle with having unstructured, non-normalized and inconsistent product data , GroupBy Enrich removes the bad data and only uses the salient data.  It helps data analysts better understand how shoppers search for and navigate their sites by improving search performance and relevancy, and by uncovering miscategorized and misclassified products.