New features Google Maps rolled out in India!!!

1. Check estimated toll rates

As a traveler, you must have faced the agony of paying unknown toll prices. Not required anymore. With Google Maps’ latest feature, you will be able to check an estimated cost for the toll you will need to pay during your trip. These prices will be given to Google by concerned local authorities. So, it will get easier for you to decide which road you wish to take.

2. Toll-free route availability

If you think taking the toll road will leave a hole in your pocket, Google Maps will now show you alternative toll-free routes. In addition, by choosing the ‘Avoid Toll’ option, users will be able to avoid seeing toll roads altogether during the journey.

3. See traffic lights on the route

Hate those never-ending traffic snarls? Google Maps will now make things easier by showing traffic signals and stop signs along the route. In some cities, users can also check the dimensions of the road. According to Google, the new feature is aimed at helping users by reducing the odds of making a last-moment lane change or missing a turn.

4. Integration with Apple Watch

Google Maps is ready to provide a fantastic experience to iOS users. Google is planning to integrate Maps into your Apple Watch. This means that you get directions on your watch. In addition, Apple Watches will now feature a Google Maps shortcut that automatically starts navigation with a single tap.

5. Pinned trip widget

iPhone users will now access Google Maps on the iOS home screen. In addition, Google has a new pinned trip widget. This widget is going to help you access your pinned trips on your Go Tab. On the Go Tab, you will also see arrival time, the next departure for transit trips, and suggested routes.

These features will be introduced in the coming few weeks.