Scariest Female Led Horror Movies To Never Watch Alone

1. Hush (2016)

This film is about a deaf author who travels to an isolated location to get writing done. She notices that a masked killer is stalking her and trying to get inside her house, and she fights for her life. The film tells more about clever tactics used by the killer and the author Maddie trying to reach their goals of surviving and killing.

2. The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man, a classic monster, puts a new spin on the story as it follows a woman who runs from her violent and demeaning husband after domestic abuse. She thinks she’s out of the marriage and rid of him forever when she hears of his death, but odd occurrences begin to follow her everywhere, and she believes her deceased husband has something to do with it.

3. Hereditary (2018)

The film follows the Graham family and matriarch Annie as they see tragedies in their cursed family. This horror film also shows the psychological thriller genre as it analyzes how each family member deals with grief. The slow-burn movie also has a unique psychological and supernatural horror balance that will stick with the viewer for days.

4. The Babadook (2014)

This is a horror film that is a psychological thriller territory that follows a widow and her son trying to cope with the death of her husband and his father. Sam becomes haunted by The Babadook, which his mother believes is just a figment of his imagination, but is proved wrong when the. It’s a creepy film with a deeper psychological meaning attached to it.

5. You’re Next (2011)

This film sees a family trying to mend their broken bond by celebrating a wedding anniversary. Still, things quickly go wrong when a group of animal mask-wearing people comes to crash the party. Plot twists involve the attackers and the one non-family member main character, Erin, who has to fight them singlehandedly off.

6. Ready Or Not (2019)

It’s about Grace, whose wedding day is approaching. She is just excited to have a family of her own, even if it’s not perfect. The family has a different tradition of playing games, and when Grace takes the hide and seek card, and she has to fight for her life while her new family hunts her down. Grace goes from the bride to prey.

7. Us (2019)

This film is about a family on a typical vacation that quickly becomes a nightmare when they see an identical family in red jumpsuits on their driveway. Adelaide is the main character who has an intuition about the replicas suddenly appearing around the world. It’s a creepy and twisted film that’s uniquely different than other modern horror films.

8. Midsommar (2019)

This film follows protagonist Dani as she travels to Sweden with her friends to go to one of their hometowns and see the midsummer festival celebrations the town puts on. Unfortunately, things quickly go wrong for the college student group as they realize the celebrations are for a pagan cult and have a sacrificial element, turning the film into folk horror.

9. Happy Death Day (2017)

This film is about a young woman with a mean-natured personality. Unfortunately, she becomes locked in a Groundhog Day loop where she experiences her death repeatedly on her college campus. The main character has figured out who the mascot mask-wearing killer is killing her daily.

10. The Final Girls (2015)

This film achieves this by taking the final girl trope and subverting it in an incredibly meta way. A group of teenagers is transported in a 1980s horror film, starring the main characters’ now-deceased mother, and has to survive the gruesome killing of the film. They use their knowledge of the specific film and other horror movie tropes.