Top 6 iPhone Launchers for Android – Best in the Market

With the beautiful interface, seamless flexibility, and vivid customization, Android boasts as one of the best mobile operating systems, challenged only by Apple’s iOS. If one has a limited budget and can’t afford an iPhone, Android’s flexible architecture can help the user to enjoy the iOS experience with in-demand iPhone launchers. Let’s take a look on few of the most popular launchers in the market.

When it comes to best available option out of these launchers, “One Launcher” pops up in our mind, instantly. Following below is our in-depth analysis of One Launcher and its features.

The “Experience.”

Touch the “Experience” button as soon as the One Launcher starts, you get the iOS look which will give you a pleasant surprise. The similarity is so precise, one almost forget is that they are operating an Android phone. With its great customization features, One Launcher delivers seamless iOS experience.

Home Screen Default

Taking a leaf out of iOS, One Launcher has the similar functionality of moving the app by press-and-holding the icon or creating a new folder.

To bring shortcuts of various custom features like Effects, Gesture Setting, Wallpapers, Themes, and Preferences.  Introducing the All App icon, one can easily see all the apps installed on the phone in alphabetical order.

The “One Tool”

At the leftmost position of your home screen, it has a folder named as “One Tool” which has One Launcher’s Preference, Theme, SingleHandMode, Battery Saver and One Wallpaper. At “Preferences”, one can set One Launcher as default launcher or change any other setting. With “Notification Toggle”, notification shade can be filled with a row of toggles.

To bring iPhone Lockscreen, one has to go to “Lockscreen Settings” feature of the launcher, which will redirect you to Google Play Store page of One Locker. One can also set different gestures to execute particular tasks like hiding apps, revealing notification bar, activating SingleHandMode etc.

One Tool-One Launcher

For more enthralling page-turning home screen experience, One Launcher has unique transition effects like Rotate, Push, Cube, Flip, Snake, Domino and many others. Home screen icons can also be moved with effects like Breathe, Twinkle, etc.
Many users like to change their home screen themes at regular interval. One Launcher has offered dozens of visually attractive themes at its theme store.

With all these great features, One Launcher flaunts about its lag-free experience with low load on CPU and on the battery. The seamless performance of this App makes it the easiest choice among iPhone Launchers for Android. One gets all these excellent features and experience for free of cost, i.e. one can download this launcher from Google Play Store for free of cost. It is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and up.

Other Alternatives for iOS Experience on Android

As mentioned above, One Launcher is the best iPhone Launcher by far. But if you don’t find it worthy enough, you can try other alternatives available on Google Play Store. Following below is the list of other iPhone Launcher options that you can try out.

i Launcher OS 

Well, you don’t get the variety of features like One Launcher, but it does give iPhone-like home screen on your Android smartphone. With the lack of customization options, it has minor variations and doesn’t give the expected experience. While the i Launcher OS doesn’t affect the performance of your smartphone, it does have issues with the overall experience that most of you will miss. Few features that come with this launcher is different backgrounds, wallpapers, ability to move around apps and create folders.
The major issue we had with this launcher is that if your smartphone has on-screen navigation buttons, it overlaps on the launcher. Just like One Launcher, i Launcher OS is available free on Play Store and supports on Android 4.0.3 and up.


With pretty similar home screen as that of iOS, iLauncher isn’t the launcher you are looking for if you need vivid variations and customization features. It does support icon packs and delivers the iOS-like experience, but it isn’t an excellent choice as it makes your smartphone slow and clunky. With the price at $2.56, this paid Launcher supports Android 2.3 and up.

i Launcher

Control Panel – Smart Toggle

With iOS 7 launch, we got to see the Control Center feature which gives full toggle command to commit actions like activating WiFi, Torch, etc, and also allows the user to control music, increasing or decreasing brightness etc. Control Panel- Smart Toggle brings the similar Control Panel experience on Android. This app gives control over WiFi, Silent Mode, Bluetooth, GPS etc. It’s not exactly an iPhone launcher but you can always give it a go as it brings great iOS experience on your Android smartphone. Its available on Play Store for free and supports Android 2.2 and up.Control Panel - Smart Toggle

Flui Icon Pack

If you want the best icon pack for wonderful and seamless experience on your Android, then you can certainly pick Fui Icon Pack. Drawing the inspiration from iOS, Flui Icon Pack brings to you about 800 icons among which some are better than iOS icons itself. Its is available for numerous launchers like Themer, Aviate, Nova, ADW etc. Priced just at $1.48, it is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and up.


Along with all these launchers, you can also try i6 Plus launcher too. The Problem with most of the launchers is Ads on them which ruins the iPhone experience. Now you can decide which iPhone launcher to use and do tell your choice in the comments section.