Learn Chinese Language Online – Website Launched in India

PUNE, India-June 8, 2016.Today an online website for learning the Chinese Language was launched from Pune, India, the easiest way to learn the Chinese Language.

The online website aims to assist Indian professionals, businessmen, tourists and students to break through the Great Chinese Language wall.

Most Indians are faced with daily language issues while in China. Everyday task like eating in a restaurant, shopping at a store, asking for directions and requesting for assistance at the Airport or Hotel become a major hurdle.

The Learn Chinese Language online website hopes to address these issues quickly and easily for Indians.

“China is a major trading partner of India. We are thrilled to launch the Learn Chinese Language website for Indians,” said Nitish Kumar, Learn Chinese Language’s CEO. “With personalized online tutoring, HSK-compliant study material, easy-to-understand course methods and affordable pricing as low as ? 8712, the Learn Chinese Language Website is a perfect destination for your language learning needs in India.”

learn chinese

The website offers free trial class for registered students. Keeping in mind, the needs of Indian professionals and businessmen, they are offering weeknights and weekend courses. Currently, they are also offering fast-track, intensive courses for busy professionals and businessmen.

Since, all the classes are held online, you save the time to commute to an in-person. Also, you can take the class anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection. State of the art internet technologies like WebEx or Skype are used for the online class.

The course material is structured as per the internationally accepted, HSK- compliant standards. Students can take the HSK Level I-IV exams after successful completion of the courses. The teacher to student ratio is a healthy 1:7, so you get more individual attention.

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