Make wiser Purchase of Smartphones with Aspectwise.in

Ask any mobile user which is the most confusing task when buying a new smartphone and the most common concern is, “Am I buying the right one and not missing on a better one?”.

Agree or not but many of us have faced this dilemma. We all want our smartphones to be perfect fit to our needs and expectations and within our budget. Well, guess what, with the help of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, AspectWise Mobile Finder, an IIT Bombay alumni startup, brings a solution to help you out.

With its huge customer reviews database, detailed analysis of hundreds of smartphones based on their characteristics and features, AspectWise Mobile Finder presents you all the options.

We tried our hands on the website to find suitable smartphone according to our requirements. We selected our budget, camera need, gaming requirement, usage time, etc. as per mentioned on the home page. What we got was a structured list of phones with their user ratings, performance scores of smartphones given by many users.


If you are tech savvy and well-informed about your preferences, you can also apply filters as per your mobile specification requirements and get another detailed list of mobiles with various variants. For example see the Nexus 5X details below.

When you click on any suggested phone, you get all the details and specifications of the device along with ratings on various aspects of the phone and user reviews on them. One also gets user verdict on the phone’s performance too.


Along with this detailed information which makes decision-making way easy, AspectWise Mobile Finder also gives links to buy the recommended smartphones on the various well-known e-commerce website.

Another feature that caught our attention is customized search based on user’s interest like Best Dual SIM Mobiles under 10000. Whether it is well-defined search query or a vague one, AspectWise Mobile Finder again gives list of smartphones generated by analyzing the text sequence with its Natural Language Processing Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence feature.

Best Mobile Phones with 16 Gb

Genuine customer reviews of different smartphones help in making a well-informed decision. Online word of mouth is one the strongest influencer for sales of a new product in the market. AspectWise Mobile Finder harnesses this power in delivering best results for its users.

With all these unique features and innovative approach to help the user to select the best smartphone which fit their needs, AspectWise Mobile Finder looks confident in getting a huge online audience.

With all these praise and accolades, we would also like to point out that there is scope for few improvements. UI/UX part of the website can be further improved by introducing graphics for better customer engagement and understanding. Having said all this, we give a confident thumbs up to http://www.aspectwise.in and hope they will continue improving.