How To Set Project Success Metrics In Software Development

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There are many businesses and enterprises in the market who are willing to introduce their ideas, solutions to the world. These are all technologically advanced solutions that engulf the pains, problems, and challenges of users. Software application development companies are delivering qualitative applications to users with a wide variety to choose from. And who doesn’t like innovative answers to tricky challenges?

The ongoing trend of software development is so enthralling that even businesses cannot take the risk of letting the opportunity go. The pressure is built up between businesses and every business is struggling to prove their solution is the best. However, the question is, how does one decide which application is the best out of all?

It’s all definable by software development metrics. These metrics decide the quality of the application through a set of quantifiable measurements or parameters that are used for tracking and assessing the “health” of the software application development process. These metrics could be used to attain several other benefits like:

Team’s performance – Productivity metrics help software development companies to measure the performance of the team. When the team is given expectations, it becomes easy for them to work and deliver projects accordingly. Any hindrances could easily be recognized, and measures could be taken to rectify them.

Delivery speed – Another benefit of software metrics is that it could be used to measure the delivery speed of the software application. As explained above, developers have a defined task to perform in software development. This gives an estimation of when the work would finish and the probable date of delivery.

Time spent on each process – Another measurable metric is the time spent on each process. This is essential as the next projects and deliveries would only be aligned after referring to previous metric decisions.

Whether the product is meeting quality at each stage – Completing a task is different and ensuring quality at each step while competing for the software development are two different aspects. Software metrics could be used to ascertain in analyzing if the product is meeting quality at each step of development or not. your software development company must ensure that milestone for each phase is achieved.

Areas of improvement – Another best use of software metrics is in determining the areas of improvement in the overall software development. If the defined tasks have not competed, then actual hindrances could be analyzed and worked upon to improve the process development.

Now that we know how much quality is important in software application development, we cannot miss how to set these metrics in software application development and analyze the success of the development. Let’s learn about kore of these project success metrics.

1) Security Metrics

Security is something that boasts about the success of the application to the users. It’s the security of the application which entices users to use the application without being worried about their data and information. No application could be labeled successful if it’s not equipped with security measures. Few metrics that ascertain customer’s satisfaction on the app security are:

  • Endpoint incidents—The number of endpoints (mobile devices, workstations, etc.) that have experienced a virus taint over a given period
  • MTTR (mean time to repair)—How much time is required between the discovery of a security breach and an available working solution?

Security is a major concern and no matter how good the product is, security lapses can shake the credibility of your business and confidence of your customers. Therefore, make sure to hire a custom software development company that follows application security practices rigorously.    

2) Size-oriented Metrics

This is another metric that could define the success of software application development. It focuses on the size of the software and is usually articulated as kilo lines of code (KLOC). Once the constitutes if the line of codes is decided, it could be easily measured through a size-oriented metric. However, there is one drawback to this metric. It cannot measure if the codes of the software applications are written in different languages like errors, defects, costing per KLOC.

3) Agile Metrics

It a well-known fact that most of the software development companies and software developers use agile methodology to develop software applications. It’s the most-supportive framework as it allows developers to follow iterative approaches rather than the waterfall approach. The agile metrics help development companies in planning and ascertain decisions about process improvement. Few to mention are:

  • Lead-time— Time of overall development of an application from idea to software
  • Cycle time—Time is taken to make amendments in the software system and deliver that revised application to the production
  • Team velocity—Units of software the team typically completes in a sprint
  • Open/close rates—Total number of production issues reported and closed within a specific period


Wrapping up, software application development companies have to make sure that whatever application they are developing needs to go through various metrics. This has become an essential requirement as the quality is of utmost importance to users these days. Also, maintain loyal customers and attaining new customers is possible only when developers use software metrics to develop quality software. It’s important for development companies to deliver value and remain true to their client’s requests and needs. Software metrics are the measures to deal with project development hurdles and challenges thus ensuring success for both parties.

About Author: Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.