3 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is used to automate the process of making and maintaining a schedule. This software is usually helpful in tracking vacation time, compensatory time, sick time and alert on occasions of conflicts.

Here we have the 3 best free employee scheduling software for scheduling your employee’s shift with great ease. The icing on the cake is all these software are totally free.

1. Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is an employee scheduling software that can be downloaded for free. It saves you energy and time while creating and organizing the schedules of employees. The main objective of this software is to reduce the time spent on making, circulating and managing the work sheet of your workers, job rotation and shift schedules. The work performed by your staff can be viewed everyday including their shift and planned calendar. Hence, this free software is capable of bringing forth the information and applications for shift, assignments, finding substitute workers, reporting and evaluating shift exposure.

It has an intuitive interface with user-friendly features. The schedules can be organized for fixed, rotating, staggered and mixed shifts. In addition, the shift records of employees can be stacked in a single location which helps you to maintain records easily.

2. DRoster Employee Scheduling Software


DRoster is a free employee scheduling software which helps you to schedule time shifts for your workers with great ease. It can be used easily irrespective of the size of your organization. The application has been created in a way to ensure that you save your invaluable time so that you are able to focus on important business issues. With great ease, you can have copy-paste schedules for the future. This way you’ll be able to prevent formatting schedules whenever the need arises.

Some important features of this software are:

a) It can save up to 85% of your time. It’s easy to use and can be operated without much difficulty.

b) You can set up recurrences of schedule and apply them automatically to your templates with a single click.

c) The scheduling patterns can be customized according to your requirements. The software has a flexible interface, with features and functions that can assist you in setting up the desired shifts and schedules.

3. Clock It Easy Schedule Creator


Clock It Easy Schedule Creator is a free tool that allows you to gain access to employee and labor planning. This is ideal if you want customized schedules. You can study the details of your employees, create their time shifts and schedule their work easily. With the built-in automatic scheduling tool, you can create elaborate schedules in a short time.

The application’s main window is intuitive and the features in this window can easily be used with text area and tabs. View all your weekly schedules and details of each employee with this user-friendly freeware. The weekly schedules of the employees can be viewed in the left window pane while the right one can be used to view the details of the available hours of each employee. This eventually helps you to manage easily and centrally with a single interface.