SEO is not a standalone module, but it must be a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you are still in two minds whether to include SEO in your digital marketing strategy, then perhaps you are not alone. Many business owners suffer from indecision in this matter mainly due to some misconceptions and myths surrounding SEO. The general feeling is that it is not relevant to them while some others feel they do not have time for it.

However, removing the misconceptions to draw the real picture of SEO would help to understand that SEO is quite simple and it offers more benefits than what is perceived from outside. In a nutshell, SEO Singapore or for that matter any SEO has two main features on site SEO and off site SEO. Once you understand what these signify, you will realize that there is no real reason to suffer from indecision.

On site SEO

Also known as on page SEO, this consists of optimizing the website elements so that it becomes friendlier to search engines. As a result, more traffic reaches the site and rankings improve. Optimization happens to both the HTML source code related to a page as well as content. On site, SEO helps search engines to interpret the content on the page while users can gauge the relevance of the search result quickly. Search engines can view the page from the human perspective that enables it to provide the most relevant result to users.

Since on site SEO is more under your control, it gives better opportunity to influence the outcome of the efforts you put in. The onsite measures you take, tell Google very clearly about your website, and it also reflects the user friendliness of the site.

Off site SEO

Unlike on-site SEO, off site SEO, also known as off page SEO relates to activities that happen beyond the website but has the powers to affect search rankings. It is the process of getting your site validated by other websites to tell users how useful your website can be to others. It is like how you would feel to get a pat on your back and how others see you as a trusted entity. The perception of users and search engines about the trustworthiness, authority, relevance, and popularity of the website is improved.

After you have tested the waters with on site SEO, you can venture into off site SEO to augment the efforts that of on site SEO. Since you have already progressed and tasted results, taking the initiative for off site SEO becomes easy.

Begin by optimizing content

As a first step, create great content with focus on strategic use of keywords and take measures of optimizing the page for using those keywords. Use the best performing keywords in your business niche that have the powers of driving more traffic to your website. On the other hand, the content keeps you well connected to the audience and is the common thread that binds all the components of digital marketing.

Include the SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy because it is then that it will work best.