Adopt a strong social media strategy to give a humane face to SEO that increases its effectiveness


The impact of the social media on SEO is undeniable even though there is an ongoing debate about how social signals could affect search rankings. Although there is no direct link between the impact of social media and search rankings, looking at it from a broader perspective, you would understand its co-relation with SEO.  Keeping aside the debate about whether social signals have any impact on rankings in search results, let us focus on the aspect of visibility that is so important for SEO. If you look closely at the social media, you will discover that it behaves like search engines. On the other hand, SEO success depends on gaining high visibility in organic search results of search engines. The relation between social media and SEO thus becomes quite clear. Social media and SEO complement each other and work together.

Look beyond rankings

When talking about SEO, we restrict our vision within the precincts of search rankings only. To understand why social media is vital for SEO, you have to look beyond search rankings. Driving traffic to your website, building trust and authority, growing your brand, converting traffic into sales and above all providing exceptional customer experience are the goals of marketers.  The interesting aspect of social media is that it can help you to achieve the goals just as SEO can do it for you. To capitalize on the individual capabilities of social media and SEO, you have to implement these separately with the objective of complementing each other. In this article, we will explore how social media and SEO remain intertwined and why it is crucial for marketers to strengthen the social media strategy.

The link between social media and SEO

Whenever we talk about search engines, the logo of Google comes to mind first, and it seems quite logical because Google enjoys 80% share in searches across all devices. Although there are many other search engines, it pales in comparison to the enormity of Google.  Close at the heels of Google, YouTube, which is an exemplary social media platform, comes second among search engines as videos can increase organic traffic driven to websites by 157%.  Therefore, if you want your video content to gain maximum visibility, you have to make use of YouTube.

It thus becomes amply clear that if you are unable to leverage the powers of a social media channel like YouTube, you are doing great injustice to SEO.  The social media does not only allow promoting your content it also increases your influence and drives more traffic to websites. These are precisely your SEO objectives too, and the role of social media in complementing SEO needs no further proof. The social media effectively strengthen your SEO initiatives.

Build value for your audience

Any SEO Consultant Chicago would advise that to succeed in SEO; you have to position yourself as an authoritative source of information so that the audience trusts you and derives considerable value from the information. To gain authority and project your business as a trusted and value generating entity, you have to depend on the wide reach of the social media. As you keep reading, you would discover the reasons why you must pay enough attention to social media for succeeding in SEO.

Social media content is visible in search results

Although the social media and SEO are as different as chalk and cheese, there is one very interesting point that is common to both. We all know that search engine bots crawl websites and index the content and the same happens for content on the social media. Google picks up some relevant content from the social media, index it and use it for display in search results.  If you use some individual’s name or brand name, the chances are high that the social media profiles related to it would appear at the top of search results. Also, the social media can not only facilitate but also speed up the process of indexing content of your website.  When content receives considerable momentum in the social media, it increases the chances of quick indexing by search engines. When content goes viral on the social media, it receives more attention from search engines.

 Social media influence translates into authority

The value of any webpage or domain determines its authority and is a factor that Google considers for assigning a value to websites. Website authority is paramount in SEO and is one of the pillars that support online marketing.  Google uses the signals emanated from social media to judge the authority of websites, and the extent of influence you wield on your social media network determines the authority. In SEO terms, authority stems from the quality of content and the backlink profile of your domain.  While content provides value to the audience, backlinks are signs of endorsing it.

Social media gives impetus to local searches

Omega SEO is gaining more attention for businesses that have interest in specific geographical areas. It makes optimization for local SEO a necessity for marketers with interest in the local market.  The fact that consumers search with the locality in mind and conduct searches when there is specific and immediate need send out signals to marketers about the importance to pay attention to local search behavior.   To strengthen SEO, you can include your business location in the social media profile, including city and zip code in social media ads, geotag your social media posts and even list your business in top social directories.

The social face of SEO

SEO is more technical, and it was never people-centric. With time, Google has ensured that SEO becomes people-centric by denouncing black hat practices and focusing on organic methods of driving SEO.  For doing good SEO, you have to bring the human touch in it. By aligning social media with SEO, it becomes easy for marketers to provide the human touch that translates into organic means of driving traffic to websites.

Today, SEO is about people in addition to ranking factors and algorithms, and this is where social media becomes indispensable for marketers.