Oculus Quest 2 – VR Headset Review

Oculus Quest – VR Headset had ease of use, good quality and high mobility – all of these factors can fascinate us about the first Oculus Quest. With the new Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One VR headset, the Facebook group’s manufacturer goes a step further in many areas. Still, the new VR glasses also fall short of expectations in some points.

Oculus Quest 2 is presented in an appealing white, the black fabric cover of the previous model is omitted.

Linking an active Facebook account with the VR headset is a necessity. A valid account with the social media giant is mandatory and unfortunately cannot be bypassed. Existing Oculus accounts can also be used until 2023. These will become the property of Facebook by the end of the period at the latest. Disposable user profiles have already been banned by Facebook and can make the entire VR headset useless.

Even if this may not currently be a significant problem for some, this should be treated with caution. Deleting the Facebook account also makes it impossible to use the VR hardware and revokes the right to continue using games purchased via the Oculus store.

The image quality has improved significantly thanks to the LCD screen with 1,832 x 1,920 pixels per lens. Log in, record play area, get started.

The high-quality packaging contains the headset and the two controllers, a charger and a spacer for people who wear glasses. A noticeably reduced weight compared to the previous model. This is reflected in the wearing comfort, which is a bit more pleasant thanks to just 516 grams.

An elastic band ensures the hold on the head. Unfortunately does not reach that of the first quest. However, the “Elite Strap” distributes the load better and makes it easier to adjust the tension later. In November 2020, however, the Elite Straps sale was stopped for the time being, as numerous users reported defects and production errors. Facebook then temporarily took them out of the market to improve.

The Oculus Quest 2 is also available in two versions, which only differ in memory equipment. The smaller version with 64GB of storage is offered in the official store and attracts an attractive entry into the VR world. The VR headset, the two touch controllers and a power cable with a charging cable.

Oculus Quest 2

A smartphone with the Oculus app installed is also essential during the initial commissioning. The default language is English, but can also be changed to any other language at any time.

Even the Oculus 2 does not need any lighthouses or other peripherals to capture a room. The built-in infrared cameras show the surroundings in black and white and let me use the controller to record the play area in a kind of “augmented reality” on the floor. The Oculus automatically switches to “See-Through” mode, and the user can recognize his surroundings again.

The setup is done quickly and can be adjusted at any time at the push of a button. To start a game, select a title from the games library in the home and user can buy a new game directly via the store integrated into the VR headset and then download it from the same. Everything without any tangled cables or additional hardware.

The accessories for the Oculus Quest 2 also include a spacer for glasses wearers.

Unfortunately, many advantages also meet some disadvantages. The game scenes in the earlier Oculus headsets never came across as crisp as they are now. Thanks to the continuous LCD screen with 1,832 x 1,920 pixels per lens, the VR-obligatory fly screen is practically no longer available. Fortunately, these are now a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, the lenses can no longer be adjusted from the outside using a slider on the lower edge of the headset, but are pushed back and forth inside the glasses. Furthermore, the adjustment is no longer possible almost continuously. The Oculus Quest 2 only has three preset positions that snap into place with a loud click.
When connecting the VR headset to PC, however, Facebook became a little more generous. The group now also claims to support other USB-C cables from Standard 3.0, previously this was only possible with the in-house model. Use the entire range of Steam library via the “Oculus Link” cable. Several interfaces are active simultaneously. Multiple confirmations on the PC and in the headset are necessary. If a part of the required software chain breaks down – which can happen – you first have to sort things out and find out where the problem originated.

How the headset and controller perform in full action naturally depends on the game in question. Whether you roam the beautiful forest of Moss with the cute little mouse or frantically swing the bobbing war axe around in GORN, the headgear demands different degrees. The elastic band fixes the glasses comfortably on the head without putting too much pressure on the forehead and cheeks. As a result, what lighter on the nose. The foam inside is so fluffy and light.

The controllers also have the necessary grip and can be secured with wrist straps. Buttons and triggers are still capacitive. The improved tracking and smarter software also enable more natural motion sequences. Also, the batteries last significantly longer. Even after several hours and days, they still don’t crave a charge, which would have been unthinkable with the predecessor. So the user can spend a lot of time in VR and completely immerse me in the magical worlds that this technology has in store for me.

The possibilities and the future of virtual reality. VR technology still has an incredible amount of potential. And with autonomous VR systems such as the Oculus Quest 2, which can be used in a flash, it is becoming increasingly easier to abduct family members into the virtual worlds. Those who would like a bit more adventure can watch breathtaking 360 ° videos in which extreme athletes with wingsuits throw themselves down mountains or cut a swath through the rainforest—everything from the comfort of home.

Numerous VR games create the great feeling of pressing a switch, flipping a lever and firing weapons. It will undoubtedly take a while before seeing a larger number of high-class and demanding titles in this segment. But for now, it is all good.