Lakme complexion care cream review


Everyone is attracted to a beautiful face. Whenever we find someone beautiful, we admire the grace, charm, shine of his or her face, and even aspire to have one. All but the first thing that a person notices is the flawless and fair complexion loves good face features. The skin tone is of sheer importance when peoplejudge someone as beautiful.

Excess of grime and pollution has given rise to certain skin problems like rashes, acne, permanent spots and much more, which makes teenagers more likely to withdraw them from society. These skin problems makes your skin look dull as a result many teenagers lose confidence and self-esteem.

The artificial or temporary solution to these skin problems is makeup. Many women love make up in India because it helps them in looking beautiful, more attractive than usual and charming. Many teenagers have become more confident after the introduction of makeup.

Wide range of creams is available in the market like bb cream, foundation and many more. Few time back CC (complexion care) cream was launched in the market, which almost satisfied everyone. It became one among the most admired products of users in less time.

Lakme CC cream

Lakme products are loved by many in India .This was the first company to launch cc cream. When people came to know about the launch of this product they got really thrilled because products like these gave them a hope that they can look more beautiful moreover people of India aspire to have flawless skin and from the name of cream it was clear to all that this will help them in having a flawless complexion.

Many societies think that higher-class people have fair complexion so in order to show your good status and gain respect you need to have fair skin and cc cream serves this purpose the best.

When people applied this cream for the first time it made their face looks so shiny and flawless that within few days they got addicted to it. This cream gave such a good touch to make up that people felt as if they have got their makeup done by some expert. The price of this astonishing product is 250 for 30 ml.

The benefits of this product

  • Beautiful packaging, glossy and affluent looking
  • Gives shiny, poreless airbrush finish
  • Medium coverage-keeps your look natural
  • Conceal imperfections
  • does not look cakey
  • Two shades are manufactures
  • Affordable
  • Good quantity

These benefits will be only received if you use this product as mentioned. The way to apply it is- dab it over the skin and blend it till it fully gets absorbed in your skin and gives you a good finish.

Application tips

It is advised to apply it with hand because the brush will eat the cream up and will end up giving the natural look in an incomplete way. This cream blends/ gets absorbed like a dream almost covering all your scars and spots and giving you a fairer natural skin tone.

For oily skin people- you should use compact after applying this cream if you want it to stay for more than 3 hours.