How to Live a Simple Life

simple life

Friends, in today’s world the most challenging task is to lead a simple life. In this fast moving world, where all are heading towards a race with no end point, we lack peace of mind. We can’t go to Himalayas for the peace and a simple life, we have to manage it at the very place we are in.

Based on my experience, would like to share some easy ways which can help us simplify our lives:

  • Be sorted from within – To sort things externally, we have to first sort things internally in our minds.

For instance, we now-a-days have started looking at things in a very complicated way, though things are so simple.

By regularly developing this habit, we become more solution oriented than problem oriented

  • Less is more– You may call it Minimalism (a trending term today), I call it logical. If you use simple logic in your daily life, you will never be stuffed with more belongings and you will only use or possess those things, which are relevant logically to you.
  • Maturity with little empathy– Most of the emotional hurdles in life are due to expectations and then misunderstandings, so on and so forth. But the simplest solution is to think in a matured way on each of such situation and also use empathy in such cases.

For instance, if your friend did not turn up to visit you in hospital, when you are unwell. You can maturedly think he must be genuinely in some urgent task and also use empathy to think that you would have done the same, had you been in his place. Once you practice this on a regular basis, later you will stop expecting at the first place.

  • Be organised –  Most of the external hurdles like delay, procrastination, time management issues etc are due to unorganized habits.  There is no rocket science in being organised. We find it unachievable due to complicated terminologies flying around us. To explain in simple words, it is just doing the things, the way they are supposed to be done.

For instance, if there is a meeting at 8 a.m. and you take half hour to commute, you are supposed to leave home half hour early and hence get up atleast at 6.30 a.m. If you start your day late, accordingly all mismanagement will follow.

For a beginner, these steps followed constantly for 7 days will make a difference. Will then follow with another blog on how to take to another level of simplicity.

One would expect complicated words, long written write up on how to live a simple life but then I myself won’t live up to the result we want to achieve.

Happy reading friends. Live real, Live simple !!

Image credit: Simple life via Gajus/Shutterstock