Are You in a Toxic Relationship? 4 Signs of Codependent Relationships

Toxic Relationship

Over 90% of American’s exhibit codependent behavior.

When the line between love and toxicity is so fine, how do you know if your partnership is based on love or codependency? Well, there are several signs of codependent relationships that you can look out for.

By identifying the issues in your relationship early, you can avoid potential heartbreak and find yourself in a healthier situation. Although it’s hard to come to terms with, early recognition is vital.

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘is my relationship toxic?’, then read on.

1. Their Mood Dictates Your Mood

One of the top relationship problems for codependent people is the inability to feel emotions that don’t match your partner’s.

Whether it’s being unable to show joy when they’re sad at the risk of them lashing out or only feeling happy when they are, both are equally unhealthy.

Remember, your relationship is meant to make you a better person, not crush your spirit. If you find that you’re unable to feel emotions without your partner feeling the same, this is a key sign of codependency.

2. You Do Everything Together

You may think it’s a sign of a strong relationship but doing everything together is actually one of the early signs of codependency.

No one can survive relying on just one person for company. You need a community of friends, family, and colleagues to stimulate your interests.

If you’ve noticed your friendship circle and daily connections dwindling, it’s time to get back out there.

3. You’ve Got Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem may not be due to codependency; there are many reasons you may have low self-esteem.

However, if the slightest criticism from your partner feels like a bombshell, there might be some toxicity between the two of you.

But before the ‘should I break up with my partner’ thoughts get out of control, consider that some of your self-esteem issues may be due to past trauma.

If you want to try and identify where your self-esteem problems come from, try couples counseling to gain awareness about your relationship.

4. You Feel Responsible for Their Actions

If you notice yourself making excuses for your partner’s behavior, this is a massive red flag.

You are a separate person to them, you do not own them, and you are not responsible for their actions.

Instead, try distancing yourself and freely admitting they had bad behavior. Sticking up for them is only enabling their wrong actions and sending a message that it’s okay.

Protect Yourself: Learn the Signs of Codependent Relationships

So now you know the four telltale signs of codependent relationships. When you understand that you can enjoy your time as a team but also as an individual, you’ll be in a much better place to have a long and prosperous relationship.

So if you’re in a toxic relationship, either get yourself to a couples counselor or consider that being alone may be the healthiest option.

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