What to Know Before Buying a Wheeled Pet Carrier

a woman holding a black wheeled pet carrier

Our pets are a special part of our lives. If we can, we would want to take them with us wherever we go! In situations wherein we can get to bring our pets with us, we cannot expect them to walk all day nor carry them throughout the journey. Thankfully, pet carriers were invented.

If you are a pet parent who loves to travel, we bet you’ll make it a point to bring your pet with you as often as you could. You are not alone! In fact, 37% of pet owners are reported to be traveling with their pets every year. This record went up from 19% a decade ago. So, it’s no surprise that businesses have also evolved just to cater to the increasing pet travel needs. One product innovation that has made traveling with cats and dogs so much easier is the wheeled pet carrier.

What Is a Wheeled Pet Carrier

A traditional pet carrier is a portable bag or box that you can carry to transport your dog or cat. While there are different types of pet carriers available on the market today, one of the most recommended is a wheeled pet carrier. It makes things easier, as you just pull it behind as you walk from one place to another.

Why Get This Type of Pet Carrier

There are many benefits of having this type of pet carrier. But generally, these boil down to the following:

Your Convenience

The first production of pet carriers is made to be hand-held or in the form of a backpack. However, we all know that it can be tiring to carrying something heavy throughout our journey. Carrying a bag for long periods can lead to pressure or pain in our back and shoulders. That is why manufacturers eventually decided to create pet carriers with wheels.

These carriers can be moved and maneuvered easily. The best part is these prevent us from having any back or shoulder aches as we travel.

Comfort of Your Pets

Some pets may feel uncomfortable in a confined space. And, being stuck in a backpack or purse may lead to them being distressed. A wheeled pet carrier will not only make your journey easier but will also make your pets more comfortable. This kind of carrier also minimizes the possibility of your pet being jostled around while in motion compared to traditional carriers.

Tips on Choosing a Wheeled Pet Carrier

Take note of these guidelines so you’ll be able to buy the best rolling pet carrier for your beloved animal companion:


What will be the main purpose of the pet carrier? Will it be for a short or long journey? Pet carriers with detachable wheels are more suitable for longer air, car, or train travel. Both traditional and rolling pet carriers can be used when you take your pet to the park, to a restaurant, or to a daily walk around town.


Aside from the comfort of your pet, you must also consider the safety features when choosing a carrier. Pets should be able to breathe in with ease inside it while traveling. Also, the carrier should be sturdy enough that your pet will not be able to open it from within. It’s better to get a carrier with zippers, instead of Velcro openings, to ensure your utmost safety of your furry friend.

Quality and Design

When looking for pet carriers with wheels, make sure that they are made of high-quality materials. Not only should they be durable enough but also be well-stitched. Remember that you will also need to clean your pet carrier regularly, so choose one that is easy to maintain.

If you have a carrier without wheels, you can always buy a pet trolley, like 4 wheel spinner trolley for dog carriers and cat carriers. Just make sure that your carrier fits nicely.

Pockets or Storage

Another factor you may want to look at when shopping for pet carriers with wheels is extra storage compartments. Pockets will surely come in handy when you want to bring along pet accessories, such as a leash, collar, and toys, as well as other important items, such as a water bottle and dog treats. This removes the necessity to bring multiple bags when traveling, as you can store everything your pet needs in the carrier.

Size of Your Pet

Before you look for a pet carrier, you must first know the exact size of your pet. A pet carrier that is too small will obviously make your furry friend uncomfortable as they will not be able to make reasonable movements inside. If the carrier is too large, on the other hand, it may make your pet constantly tumble about during transit.

The ideal pet carrier should have enough room for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Some veterinarians even recommend a carrier that is at least 1.5 times bigger than your pet’s size. However, choosing a pet carrier on wheels for large dogs may have more requirements especially for air travel purposes.

How to Measure Your Pet for a Carrier?

There are two factors to consider when measuring your pet for a carrier.


Start the measurement from the back of the neck where the collar sits up to the end of the tail. Then, add a few inches to that measurement. Meanwhile, some sources online recommend beginning the measurement from the tip of the nose up to the tip of the tail.


Pet carriers also have a maximum weight capacity. For instance, a medium dog carrier with wheels might only be suitable for dogs weighing 30 to 70 pounds. You may need to look for a bigger carrier if your pet weighs more. So, before shopping for a pet carrier, you must weigh your pet first to know if their weight is within the manufacturer’s weight specifications.

In Summary

The invention of pet carriers has indeed made the lives of pet owners easier. And, those with wheels have taken convenience to another level. With rolling pet carriers, you can effortlessly transport your pet without the concern of eventually being tired of carrying or wearing a bag or purse.

Use the tips we’ve mentioned listed so you can get a pet carrier that is not only convenient for you to use but is also comfortable for your pet. Get more helpful pet care ideas from the other articles on our website!