Top Tips to Find the Best Web Developer

Web Developer

Website developers are everywhere which is why it will be a challenge to find someone who is an expert in this craft. There are tons of skilled people in the marketplace which make it necessary to narrow down your candidates. If you have some knowledge of how web development goes, you have a leg up, but it doesnít guarantee success in hiring the right person for the job.

To enhance your knowledge of the process, there are some important insights that businesses need to know about web development services. Here are some extra tips to help you find that one web developer who will help your business.

Ask for their portfolio

What kind of work did the web developer do before? Looking at prior projects will give you a feel about how a person works and makes it easier for you to tell if you can work with that person or not. While at it, explore the web developerís projects and take note of the elements you love or hate.

Ask about what is most important for the web developer and what his/her decisions would be in case faced with two options. This will help you to assess if they are great at problem solving or not.

If you know a bit about coding, you can also look around to see if a web developer has contributed to any GitHub projects. Looking into someoneís code could also help you get to know someone from a technical point of view. At the same time, you will get a feel for the personís skill and accomplishments.

While looking at codes, take note of the language, how well-documented the code is, and their contribution to other projects.

Inquire about what and how they learn

There are constant changes in software development, and you want someone who can keep up with the times. The trend a year ago can be outdated quickly or impractical at the current time. So, you need to know how someone learns web development and what they do with the new things they learn.

Ultimately you want a website developer who is not afraid to try out new things. At the same time, you want a skilled individual who wants to stick to a solid foundation.

Look for someone you can communicate with

In any project, communication is always key. You want to find a developer who can talk to you on a regular basis. Ask a developer what the most convenient means of communication would be. It will help you assess if you can collaborate with someone using those tools.

Of course, there should also be regular check-ins, so you will know what the status of the project is and if it is in line with what you had envisioned.

Talk about project testing

The best way to see if working with a particular web developer will work is to give it a try. Testing will give you a better idea of what the developer is like and see if you can work with him or her.

Asking someone to do a small part of the project as a test could be the most effective way to test your compatibility with a particular freelancer. If you can afford to, pay for the test project.

Doing this makes it more likely for you to find the right candidate because you can test out how the developer approaches the project and communicates results or issues.

Paying for the test project is also ideal as it is only fair for you to pay the developer to do a piece of the project because they will be spending time to do it. During this phase, try to look for red flags and observe the developer.

You want to make sure that working with that professional will be beneficial for you and your project. If it frustrates you to work with the person or the developer wonít compromise on some things, it could be a bigger issue later on.

Bonus TIP: Factors to Think About When Choosing a Web Developer

Donít enter a relationship with your eyes closed

Even if the project is urgent, donít just hire anybody. At least request for a test project to see if the developer can work with you. This will cost you less in the long run and save you from spending a lot on someone who will not make your project successful.

Remember, you need a partner who can work with you through the entire process. While at it, find someone you like personally. Although you are hiring someone for a project, you also want to build a good relationship as you would, most likely, need help in the future.

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