Top Tips For Becoming A More Environmentally Friendly Business

Environmentally Friendly Business

So, youíve decided you want to be more eco-friendly. Thatís great, but actions speak louder than words, and to be environmentally sound, you need to put these actions into full-force sooner rather than later. If youíre unsure on how to go about it, then check out any lectures or seminars you can attend; also pick up any books that speak on the matter, along with documentaries. There are many resources for you to take advantage of. Once youíve got a good understanding of how to make your business more environmentally-friendly, itís time to put everything youíve learned into action.


Make a concentrated effort to recycle every single item that you can as a company. Invest in a hydraulic press and a cardboard press to squash the waste produced into more easily manageable bales that can be stacked on top of each other, stored, and then responsibly disposed of at a later date. Make room for as many as you can by compressing them, tying them together using baling wire at Baling Wire Direct, and then only having them collected when you can no longer store more. By keeping hold of your cardboard waster for as long as possible, you limit the amount of trips, reducing your carbon footprint by even more.

Pull The Plug

Donít leave appliances on standby or left on overnight. This is a colossal waste of energy, and your energy bills will steadily increase as even small amounts of will eventually add up to larger sums. Before exiting the premises at the end of the day, walk around the office and systematically switch off each device thatís been left on standby. Ask your team to refrain from using the work plug sockets to charge personal devices, or at the very least ask them only to use this energy between certain hours during the day.

Use Less Water

Add a save-a-flush bag into every toilet cistern on your premises in order to save on the amount of water needed to conduct just one flush of the loo. Also replace free running water taps with ones that work on a timer which turn off after 5 Ė 10 seconds, for example. Again, before leaving, pop into the restroom areas and ensure that every last tap has been turned off. If you canít be the last person to leave the office, then designate someone else to perform this duty.

Reward Your Team

Offer incentives for staff who go above and beyond, and make sustained efforts to recycle, reuse, and encourage others to follow suit. Consider offering them a meal out for two at a vegetarian restaurant, or to learn how to cook, prepare, and eat responsibility given the fact that the human diet can affect the environment, and even increase the speed of climate change. Encourage your staff to recycle by making it easy for them, this is to say that you should add conveniently placed recycling bins around the office; one near the photocopying machine, and another in the middle of the staffroom so that employees can easily reach it.