Top Swedish Snus Brands

Swedish Snus

Swedish Snus is growing in popularity around the world, especially in the US where it is taking more than a fair share of the tobacco market. Snus is a moist tobacco product developed in Sweden which originated from dry snuff, popular in the country during the 18th century. Swedish snus differs greatly to traditional American tobacco in the way that it is ingested. Snus is placed on the upper lip for a period of time, rather than chewed and spat out. The convenience of the product, therefore, could be the secret behind its success. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular Swedish Snus brands to find out what is they are doing to attract their customers.


Jakobsson’s is manufactured by Gotlandsnus, one of the biggest snus manufacturers around. It is a relatively new brand but has proved itself to be a premium product, helping it to attract fans around the world. When it comes to strength, aroma and flavour Jakobbson’s really does pack a punch and earns its premium product status. Fans of the brand enjoy flavours such as Wintergreen, Elderflower and Mint. There is not as much variety in flavour as you can find with other brands but the flavours available really do excel.

Nick and Johnny

Nick and Johnny as a brand was created by another popular manufacturer, Swedish Match. As a brand, it was specially created with those looking to make the switch from cigarettes to a tobacco product. As such, it has a higher amount of tobacco than most other brands, a whopping 40% more in most cases. Fans of the brand love it for that quick hit of nicotine that they had become accustomed to when smoking cigarettes. The tins are also super stylish, so appeal to the young and trendy.

Catch Snus

Catch Snus is another product from Swedish Match. This snus is known for introducing flavours into the portioned snus market following their conception in 1984. To this day, the brand still offers a great range of flavours, including liquorice, eucalyptus and blackcurrant. The brand are constantly trying out new flavours, so this is definitely one to keep an eye on if you fancy trying something different. They also make the promise to their customers that they will remain innovative as well as conscientious towards their product to ensure that they deliver the best in terms of both functionality and taste. They have been around for a long time and have remained popular throughout their 30 plus years on the market, their products must be good.

Tre Ankare

Tre Ankare is another brand from Swedish Match. This was the first brand to bring the portioned sus product to market. Portioned snus is really now the standard throughout the snus industry. Loose snus is more of a novelty now and we have Tre Ankare to thank for that. The brand was dismissed initially, with fans of snus thinking the portioned version would never take off but they were proved wrong. Portioned snus could indeed be the reason that snus has grown in popularity, with many people enjoying tobacco discreetly and without having to worry about the mess. The brand still remains popular today.

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Image Credits: Swedish Snus from Roman Sigaev /Shutterstock