Top 10 Most Important Pages Every Blog Or Website Should Have

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Blogging is the best way to express your feelings. You really come to know interesting things and get the knowledge to the whole world. Personally for me, blogging is a medium to earn a decent amount of money and develop good relationship with readers and other fellow bloggers from all around the world.

Making a successful blog is difficult: You have to give your blog a lot of time, regularly update the content, change the design according to the latest trend, essential pages and much more. Talk about the pages, itís a part of the blog that many bloggers don’t take seriously; including me.

The right way to handle the blog is to add better navigation and pages that are useful to drive more traffic to the blog. In this article, I thought of putting up the list of pages which I consider to be most important for any blog. These pages are mostly which your reader like to see for the better reading experience. These will help readers know more about the blogger like the contact details, the success story, how to subscribe to the future post, easy way out to advertise in the blog and many other activities that can help drive good amount of traffic.

The idea behind creating these pages is to make sure that you give readers what they want and make it easy for them to find everything easily in the header or footer.

In this article, you will see Top 10 most important pages every blog or website should have. I hope this post will inspire you enough to make improvements to your blog or website. Also, feel free to share your own views about the article in the comments section below.

1) About Us Page : This is a very simple page which I believe essential part of a blog. It lets your new readers know more about who you are and why they should subscribe to your blog. This will help them know whom they are reading. Here, I would like to add that every blog should gain trust in first instance.

2) Contact Page : There are obvious reasons that your readers, press, fellow bloggers, advertisers will try to make contact with you. So, give them chance to contact you and it will help to show your readers that you really do care about them and are willing to listen to them.

3) Advertise With Us Page : If you offer advertising on your website or blog, why not create a page that helps advertisers to easily find out and contact you about it. Try to make it as simple as you can so that it will help your advertisers to make a quick decision. If you are using for selling your advertising space on your blog, I would recommend you to give a link of I am also working on my “Advertise” page with new look and content.

4) FAQ Page : This page is important when you get lot of repeated questions. It is not essential for blogs but surely must have page for company website – they generally got repeated questions all the time about the company. So, its good to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding certain things about the company and cut down your workload.

5) Disclaimer Page : If you are talking about money or how much earning they made, itís better to create a disclaimer page for the interests of transparency to show your readers what you get from the blog. This page is important to end the assumption that people have about you and your blog.

6) Services Page : If you are running company website or blog offering services, then itís always useful to create a dedicated page and make it visible on your blog so that it will be easily available for your potential client to know about the services you offer. I believe that a dedicated page is a quick way to promote your services rather than mention it elsewhere on your blog.

7) Most Popular Page : Why not have a page showing your popular posts from your blog on a dedicated page? It will help your new readers to find out the best content on your blog and take decision about subscribing to your blog or not. It will also increase the page views of your blog.

8 ) Press Page : This is important page for a company website to show your visitors or potential clients that what media and journalists have written about your company or product. Showing previous articles in this page will help you to gain credibility of your visitors and help journalists to have an idea when they start writing their own articles about your company.

9) 404 Page : Its really annoying for your readers to find a page that has been deleted or redirect to a dead link on your blog. So, I think that developing a customized 404 error page is important for every blog to tell your readers what to do next when they land on such a page. You may re-direct them to your popular posts, search for other content or design something funny.

10) SiteMap / Archive Page : SiteMap is important for search engines mostly which help search engines to crawl your website easily and effectively. Archive page is also effective because it helps new readers to find all your previous posts and is a way to increase your page views too.