Top 10 Educational Apps in 2020

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Students face multiple problems because of the quick pace of life and academic overload. On the other hand, every year we witness appearance of new educational apps boosting the study performance to a great extent. Below you will find top educational apps to extend your horizons in 2018.

Cite This For Me

Let’s suppose, you mastered Chicago. And you even did your best to become an expert in MLA. But now that your studying program requires implementation of some other citation style you can’t help hating citation requirements. Right now, get a long-lasting pill from this disorder! It is one of the best educational apps requiring no effort: all you need to do is to install CTFM (Cite This For Me) and push the button corresponding to the needed style to write a bibliography chapter without any troubles!


 Educational Apps1

Produced by a language teacher, this educational app is meant for students who need to improve memorisation of any information. There exist a number of educational apps of this kind. On the one hand, it is just a colourful flashcard set. On the other, it is a package of smart techniques allowing you to learn quicker the data due to spaced repetition and other secret tricks. Choose from numerous illustrated topics or form your personal themed stacks.

The Great Courses

This educational app offers a way out for students who need additional information from credible sources on any topic. Here you will find plenty of lectures on history, math, literature, economics, music, business, or linguistics. These are the lectures of experienced professors including visual materials. You can download such material on any topic free of charge, but if you prefer some individual courses, you will need to pay. One of the best education apps for students, it offers a free trial to help you determine whether you need such individual assistance. Try to make certain.


 Educational Apps2

It is one of those learning apps that help to master time management tricks. It is more than a usual planner! Todait determines how much time you should devote to studying to realise your aim taking into account your current stage of its realisation. Whether you are ahead of it or vice versa, Todait adjusts your plan to help you optimise the process. It can become your advisor. What’s more, this educational app helps you look forward due to the weekly and monthly statistical data on your study time and achievements.


Here is one more great helper for linguists and people who are eager to learn a language without extra effort. Traditional approach (when you learn with a textbook in hands) is not applicable to everyone. If it is it exactly about you, get this app. It creates sets of words and word combinations to further verify your knowledge on definitions and spelling. Using such learning apps, you memorise vocabulary through gamification! All you need to do is to select the language.


This is a reliable assistant for those students who have chosen to devote some part of their life to algebra but feel difficulty with “x” isolation. It is one of the best math-related educational apps for a reason! The app determines the steps that one needs to take to find a solution and you will easily apply this knowledge to cope with other tasks. To help you get an explanation of an answer, just take a photo or type the question. Can it be easier?

Ready4 SAT

If you want to make verification of your knowledge on some topic more painless, Ready4’s series is a perfect tool to test it. Actually, this is a set of educational apps which help you learn the material when teaching how to pass testing easier. Using this tool, you simplify studying. Whenever you are, you can devote five minutes to drill having just taken your smartphone in hands. To help you find additional encouragement, the educational app shows how your potential SAT score matches schools or academic programs. You can install this helper for free, but the paid version offers more options.


Writing assignments make up the bulk of tasks, and most students face problems when they come up to editing. GradeProof was created to help you eliminates inaccuracies related to grammar and style. Unlike other similar learning apps, this one easily determines complex grammatical problems. What’s even better, this app will help you verify originality of text for free. A free version of an educational app is always at your disposal. To make use of it on full power, you will need to pay. Of course, you can always address to some essay UK service to find an expert to fix your text.

Math Motion: Cupcake

 Educational Apps3

In most cases, to make a child practice in multiplication is a tiresome task. Teachers are ready to face this problem from time to time, but for parents, it is a great obstacle. Math Motion will make a child more enthusiastic when developing his math skills having turned math into engaging game named “cupcake business”. To be successful, you need to know the cost of every cupcake, accept orders, and count the income. How can one possibly learn to do business without counting? That is how an educational app prevents from rising aversion to math on the elementary level.


Technological era made education available to the wide audience. From now on, your great desire to upgrade skills in any sphere and a smartphone represent a sufficient minimum which will let you in the circle of people who indulge in everyday improvements of their knowledge and skills. You can study at some of the determined educational establishments (for instance, McGill or MIT), listen to online lectures, pass tests, perform multiple tasks without even thinking of a need for a student loan. You will make your studying process most comfortable. You can study form any place, and no one will rush you – set at what pace to perform tasks!

Well, there exist multiple learning apps allowing students and pupils to simplify the process of studying – try out to be on top!

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