7 Awesome Things you Need to Know about Smartphones

Do you have a smartphone? If, yes then what are the things you do with it? Calling, chatting, messaging, internet surfing or may be something else. However, today you will get to know some amazing tricks that can be done with your smartphone.

With these tricks many things can be done, for example – taking photos in a panoramic view, making your phone as a movie projector, checking a TV remote, converting your regular cam into a high resolutions lens and increasing your phones sound, etc.

So, let us start

Note: Some of these tricks might not work, as they are phone specific.

Check your TV remote or any other remote

To find if your remote control of a TV, Speakers or a DVD is working, you can test it with your smartphone. Sometimes changing the battery is not the solution and you want to be sure if it’s working or not.

Check your TV remote

To find out if a remote is working or not, you need to to keep your remote sensor in front to your smartphone camera. Keeping your phone’s camera ON, press any button on your remote. If the sensor is showing a blinking light, it means your remote is fine.

This doesn’t work on iPhones (iPhone 4s, 5s – tested)

Convert your smartphone in a Projector

To make a movie projector, you need to cut the handle of a magnifying glass. Keep that inside a shoe box and make a cut-out of the lens by marking the area. After making this hole in the shoe box, place the lens and make it fit by using adhesive or glue.

Convert your smartphone in a Projector

Now we have to make a stand inside the shoe box for our smartphone. To make this stand, use ‘Thermocol’. Before making this stand take dimensions of the box and cut two long pieces of ‘Thermocol’. The ‘Thermocol’ cutout should be like we can move it inside the box. Make an L-shape by fixing them together as it makes a perfect 90-degree angle. Now you can stick your smartphone on this L-shaped stand with a tape.

Now play a video on your smartphone and keep it aligned with the lens inside the box. You will see that there is a video output coming through the lens. When you play a movie, keep your smartphones brightness to 100% and the quality of the output will be better.

Click photos with your Earphone

Many of you might know this, but many of you do not apply this. The Earphones in a smartphone not only can control your FM Radio and Music, but it can also help in capturing photos.

Click photos with your Earphone

You can click a picture without touching your phone with the play/pause button. Plus the volume buttons can work as a Zoom-in and Zoom-out option. The biggest use of this trick is in taking selfies.

Multiple appearances in a panorama shot

Every other phone in the market comes with this feature now. Moreover, if you still don’t have it on your phone, you can download it from the App stores. The central characteristics of a panorama shot is the 360-degree view angle. Typically all the people around can be seen in the photo, but if you want you can come in this picture multiple times.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.39.11 am

You can run behind the photographer and can appear in the picture multiple times and in different poses.

Find your lost smartphone

This app will provide you an exact location to your phone and like many other apps it needs to be installed before such situation arrive.

This device manager tries to find the exact location. For this, your phone’s GPS is being used. If the current location is not shown, then the previous or last position can be readily seen from this manager.

After downloading this Device manager app, you can login in this app via your Google account. This means every time your device manager app will open the Google will save the data in your account and gives you the information. Plus this app will allow you to change access codes and deleting all the data from the phone in a case of data theft.

Increase your lens quality

Increase your lens quality

If your phone has enough resolution but still, your close-up photos are blurred than this trick can help you. In this situation click the picture from your phone camera by placing a droplet of water on the camera lens. That way your smartphone camera improves the zoom, and the close-up photos will be snapped with better quality.

Improve volume and sound quality of your phone


Many phones do not have a heavy duty speakers inside. As a result, you get low sound quality and a lower volume. To instantly improve your phone sound you can use an empty Jar. By this way, the sound will not spread, and it will come out loudly. Hence, the sound will be louder than ever.

So, how many of these did you know? Moreover, share the knowledge.