Surprising Ways for Communicating with Foreigners Including Reverse Phone Lookup

Communicating with Foreigners

Do you have a desire to meet new people from foreign countries? Do you enjoy learning new languages and cultures or socializing with new people but do not know where to start? Well, you would be surprised by how easy it is to meet foreigners.

You can hook up with foreigners from all parts of the world, exchange contact information and even share social media profiles very easily. The road to having foreign friends starts by establishing a social environment. Find a place where you can socialize with foreigners and follow up on friendships made.

Here are the four main ways you can link up with foreigners and share much more than just the greetings

1. Chatt With Foreigners On International Linkup Sites 

There are many sites where you can meet people from all over the world. Sites such as Meetup, MeetMe, and Interpals are designed to connect you with friends from foreign countries.

With MeetUp, you can organize in-house events for people you share interests with. You can also attend other peoples’ events and meet people you share the same interests. In such meetings, you will often associate with people from different walks of life.

MeetMe is also a good site that allows you to meet new people and play games. You can link up with people who are interested in playing games and exchange contacts after the game. Collect as many contacts as possible during such meetings and perform a reverse phone number lookup using Spokeo to find out more about your friends.   

2. Attend International Events and Sporting Activities In Your City 

Meeting new people can be as simple as going to where people gather. Most international events will attract people from all over the world. If any major international concert or sporting event is taking place in your city, you have the chance to socialize with the people.

When attending such events, feel free to interact with people from all walks of life. Have a free-flowing spirit and get to learn about new cultures. Most foreigners usually like having a local person around helping them learn more. You can offer a helping hand to foreigners while you get to know new people. You may ask them their names and phone numbers and continue with your conversations later on.   

3. If You Know A Foreigner Search For Their Phone Number Using Spokeo

If you already know some foreigners but you lost their phone numbers try finding the numbers again. The best way to find your lost contacts is by using reverse phone number lookup with Spokeo.

A simple phone number search using the largest peoples search engine, Spokeo, you will be able to come across their numbers. You can also search for information about your contacts using Spokeo. If you have a phone number but do not remember anything about the person who gave you the number, perform reverse phone lookup. You will be able to reconnect with all your longterm foreign friends.  

4. Travel a lot And Use Shared Accommodation

Travelling may help you meet new people and learn about new cultures. However, it is impossible to walk up to someone and start a conversation. The best way to associate with people in your new destination is by sharing accommodation. There are many sites that offer shared accommodation services.

You can use the services of sites such as or Airbnb to find friends who are willing to accommodate you. Getting accommodation will help you bond with foreigners and even make long lasting friendship.  


If you have the desire to travel the world, meet new people, learn new languages and cultures, you have to find a way of linking up. The first step is finding asocial ground for the link up. You can use any of the available social linkup sites such as Meetup, MeetMe and similar sites. You can also meet new people by attending social events in your local city. After meeting new people, use Spokeo to perform phone search and reverse phone lookup to find the foreigners information. You can easily find the foreigner’s number or social media profile using Spokeo. Start conversations and maintain your friendship. If you lose a number, just search for it using Spokeo.

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About Author: Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. She has a great experience in marketing, travel, business and relationship sphere.