9 Business Ideas for Starting Office From Home or May be Bed

Feeling light pocketed? Go and get some job to carry out. Wait! You don’t have a clear concept of what to do. Well I have got a solution for you. I am giving you some of the jobs you can switch to. Along with these job options I am giving you the ways to get best out of the job. OK, let us start; first of all you need to be dedicated towards the job you are going to join. Your employers want a good and honest guy as their employee. ????? ?????? ?????????

You need to put all your efforts to perform or accomplish the task assigned to you. Go ahead and try to complete the work before deadline. Try to follow the concept of “…. and then something extra”, after completing the ordered task. The job you are choosing will surely give you everything you want. But be careful while justifying yourself. Now go through the following job options and start your career right now. Have a great career ahead. Please share your experience and thoughts for other readers.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistant is almost a need of the hour. Everyone is running and have no time to manage themselves. You may try this business if you want a quick access to money-bucks. Many busy persons is ready to pay a high amount for these services. But they are in search of a trusty person, so try to contact your sources for your referral. If you are free after the working hours (i.e. 5 pm to 9 am) try to publicize your home based business!

Etsy Store

If you are a creative type of personality and always in search of something new and
creative, let it be crafts, paper products or other arty works, show the world that you have got the desired factor in you. Simply log on to ETSY.COM and get registered. It will need an initial small amount of money for registration but you will be provided with one of the best platforms for your creations.

Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing

If you have got a command over the desktop designing or publishing, this one is for you. Simply start off today by investing a small amount and using your personal contacts to get your very first clients. Perform beyond the promise you made to convince your clients. And I bet you will get popular and start getting calls for help on everything from brochures to invitations. And remember that a hard worker is always respected.

Day Care Service

All of us like to spend time with small kids but what if you get paid for this. Yeah, you have to handle insurance waivers and screaming children. But if you have got a patient mentality with a big place, you can make it out. Make sure to fulfill your duties like following liability forms, rules and regulations, etc. You may even classify your services under different standards according to the fee you charge.

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

What a pleasure it is when you start being paid for your favorite task, to roam in a gardener along a street with your dog. Its not that hard to get paid for this. For this task you have to start with your some close ones, say your neighbors dog. If you can handle your own pet, you can surely do this for some extra bucks with other’s pets too! You won’t have to do much effort as the people taking services of PET SITTERS are usually habitual, so if you are in for a while, you are in forever. So go ahead and find some “real lazy” pet owners.


This one is my favorite. Just purchase an ALL IN ONE tool box and get ready to start. All you have to do is to set a place in your own home where people can come with their broken vacuum cleaners, computers, radios, etc. to get them repaired, provided that you have got a command over repairing skills. Even if you are comfortable with travelling door to door, you can take house calls too. If you have got a good luck, you may even get paid for fixing the shelfs in garage.

Photography Business

If you have got a skill to observe the things in a close and photogenic manner, you can switch to this business. All you need is just a professional camera along with a place for your studio. Start with creating a blog and getting in interaction with your clients and give a place for their complements and comments. Regularly try to enhance the way of working and try to get comfortable with cameras and scenarios day by day.

Home-Based Laundry

Do you have a washer and a drier at your home? If yes then jump in this business without wasting much time. Just start your very first business by helping others to stay clean and well dressed by laundry their clothes. You may start by using the costumer’s choice soaps, giving no shrinking guarantee and yeah undoubtedly giving free pickup up shipping facility. DO a bit market research and set your business with less investments.


If you are free between 5 pm and 9 am then one more option is available for you. You may get into anything from being a passionate software developer, an e-bay reseller and make some extra dollars. You may also try, if youre a coder, designer, or writer, check out
freelance gigs on Elance.com. But be a person with regular and hard working dedication.