Sex Tips for Married Life to Improve your Relationship

Sex is not just a physical need, but it is an expression of deep love. When we are deeply in love with someone and feels like spending whole life with the person we decide to marry. But marriage is not just the end of the love story but is a beginning.

Sex plays an important role in strengthening the bond between the husband and wife and keeping the relationship refreshed and alive. But sex life is not the same after marriage. Marriage is a great responsibility. It is not just about having a long drive, Sitting in parks or having dinner together. Marriage is about accepting both good and bad sides of your partner. It is about adjusting and sacrificing and standing for each other in ups and downs.

There are a financial concern, children, and in-laws to be handled. All these things are not so easy. The stressful lives lead to frustration and arguments which indirectly affects the sexual life of a couple. Image Source: goodhousekeeping.com Image Source: goodhousekeeping.com This article will revel you some secret sex tips for married life which every couple should read and follow to improve their sexual relationship.

5 important Sex tips for married life

1. Respect each other- Before marriage, we present ourselves as best as we can. After marriage, we no more mask our self. Habits, secrets, and other aspects are now revealed which may not be liked by your partner and may demand a change. Just remember one thing you married the person because you love him/her. Everyone has some fault. Nobody is perfect. Stop trying to impress each other. Relax your relationship. If you have some issues try to solve it together rather than bringing them to your bed. Do not let the love, care and respect die. If you are stressed or having some conflict you won’t enjoy sex.

2. Talk to your partner- This is one of the important sex tips for married life. Do not feel shy and openly talk to your partner about your likes and dislikes. Discuss what is the best part of sex and what you expect from your partner. Also, ask your partner about their preference in the room. Create an ambiance. Be sensual and playful. Try the sex positions that is comfortable and exciting for both of you.

3. Give time to foreplay- Foreplay is very important, especially to arouse a woman. After having the baby and with advancing age, most of the women suffer from vaginal dryness. This may cause pain and she may lose interest in sex. Foreplay makes her wet after which she enjoys sex. So spend some time in tickling, kissing, hugging and stroking your partner. Image Source: femalemag.com Image Source: femalemag.com

4. Try something new- This is an interesting sex tip for married life. Try something new. Watch romantic or porn movie together. Try some new positions. Try a new lingerie. Try beer in bed. Changing place may also help. Take a break from routine life, go for a vacation or book a hotel room and have fun with your partner.

5. Lifestyle changes- Being healthy is key to a successful sex life. Try meditation and yoga to relieve stress. Eat a balanced diet and exercise daily to increase your stamina. Incorporate the above sex tips for married life and add thrill and spice to your relationship