Linq Review – An App to Connect Free WiFi from a Map

Have you ever been in a situation where when you’re travelling you’ve been unable to send an urgent mail because of the unavailability of data on your phone? Or you may have come across a situation where you have been unable to work on the data provided by your phone because of low receptivity?

These situations are quite common to us since we face them for regular periods of time. In spite of trying every trick in the book, it is very difficult to get a proper connection to not lose out on the world or the work done on your phone, tablet, laptops etc. whilst you are travelling.

However, these situations may no longer be the problem since we have the Linq: Free WiFi Map, Free WiFi Connect India that makes connecting with a connection easier.

Linq is a WANI TRAI compliant App to Get Free WiFi Connect at Airport, Railway, Rail Google WiFi, Jionet, Train, Metro. Find Free WiFi Map for Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, India. Apart from fulfilling your travelling needs, it helps to also monitor your home Wifi needs by tracking and maintain the usage of internet taking place.

It not only helps to provide free Wifi through connecting to potential hotspots but also helps to share Phone Internet (Jionet, Airtel, Tata Docomo) through Portable WiFi Hotspot with full control over data & time limit.



The features of the app vary depending on the where the app is used to get a free Wifi Connect or to share your phone data as a hotspot.

The Key Benefits of Using Linq to Get Free WiFi internet:

  1. It is now possible to connect to free Wifi hotspots and a chance to grow the community of Linqs around you. This way you get to enjoy consistently without breaks.
  2. It helps to enjoy ‘Home like’ WiFi experience by automatically connecting to partner networks and getting preferential data & amazing offers. This leads to more benefits!
  3. It helps to be on track on your WiFi consumption by accessing history of your Free WiFi internet usage.

Key Benefits of Sharing Phone Internet (like Jionet, Airtel etc.) using Linq Portable hotspot:

  1. With the help of this app, there will remain no need to buy an expensive hotspot device or 4G phones for everyone in the family. The app will help you to provide connections that can help serve multiple friends family and other devices. Get 4G like speed on 3G phones!
  2. It is possible to share your hotspot (like Jionet, Airtel etc.) without worrying about misuse of the data/time limits for each user and access the history anytime. Most expensive portable devices too don’t provide such features.
  3. You can bring a smile to someone’s face by sharing your unused phone data. All this by becoming a part of an ever-growing community of Linqs and contribute to creating a connected world.

Other features include:

  1. A wide access to wifi spots with regular updates by adding more spots making it very useful for the user.
  2. Easy to handle and access these spots right from the home page of the app.
  3. It has a roadmap that helps configure the various spots within your area.
  4. Safe to use and has total control over privacy which helps not to make your phone vulnerable to being hacked.


  1. It is a hassle-free app to use.
  2. It helps to locate unknown Wi-Fi spots through the roadmap function
  3. It provides a brilliant experience for those in need of internet in an emergency
  4. Based on user reviews new hotspots are added regularly to the app
  5. It has improved performance. WiFi Map now loads 30% faster.


  1. The app shows encrypted Wi-Fis in specific areas.


It can become quite a nuisance if you are in a situation where you are in an urgent need of Wi-Fi and are unable to get any. Most times it is while travelling that you are needed to be online and available, and without cell receptivity and a proper connection, it makes it that much more difficult to work.

As per TRAI data, over 89 Mn people in this group are coming online for the first time. This makes it necessary to help them use the internet in the right way while helping them maintain their privacy. With the help of Linq, it has become easy to connect to the world of internet, anytime and anywhere.

You are allowed a wide range of spots to access to, so you have not left without a signal anywhere. This can be accessed through wi-fi hotspots or can be used to help another connect to your hotspot without giving away your privacy letting users hack into your phone.