CompanyHub†Review – CRM to Automate Sales Efficiently

In case you are looking for best way to expand as well as grow your small business then you must consider robust customer relationship management such as CompanyHub. No matter if you are searching for a simple CRM software or a full-fledged software suite which comes with powerful features, there exists a lot of diverse and sophisticated products in the market which will tend to your organization needs.

CompanyHub is quite a specialized CRM software which will certainly prove to be a holistic and complete customer relationship management service provider for any type of business. It is quite feature-rich with a fully customizable platform which helps the businesses to optimize their leads management as well as boost sales pipeline processes in streamlined and unified manner. It offers 360-degree customer visibility to ensure that users remain updated about their appointments, contacts, leads as well as marketing communication processes.

It has designed a completely automated model which allows the manager to build customized and specific workflow algorithms in quite a simple as well as a user-friendly manner. It completely eliminates the need for lengthy and exhaustive coding for each work function, as team members can easily create automatic flowcharts all by themselves which leads to higher level of productivity as well as output.

Entering along with managing updated CRM data can be quite a challenging task for salespeople, and in this regard, CompanyHub is the best solution which saves your business a huge amount of time along with driving productivity. It has a simple as well as an intuitive interface which is similar to Excel along with various user-friendly features. It is supported by iOS, Windows and Android. It is an affordable and unique CRM solution to drive your sales higher and transform your bottom line results in quite a dramatic fashion.

Letís look at the various features of CompanyHub.



  1. It is designed for easy as well as quick lead management and has the ability to easily enter or update important and crucial information about your potential and current leads. A contact list can easily be created as well as different fields and filters can also be created to segregate the lead data in quite an efficient manner which makes it a consolidated database in one centralized platform.
  2. It is very easy to manage as well as update the contact history through this software since it has an Excel-based interface which allows you to list all of your contacts in an orderly way. Different fields like contact addresses, birthdays, telephone numbers, and past purchases can easily be added so that you have an updated record of all of your contact.
  3. It provides smooth as well as the streamlined transfer of contact data via Excel and other different platforms so that you can easily transfer the information without any type of hassles. Different fields of contact information can be swiftly transferred in a wide range of formats to other software systems without any issues which make this software high on functionality as well as ease of access.
  4. It also provides real-time email tracking and also allows the users to search and find whether the marketing emails have been opened or clicked and how much time has actually been spent on them. It also has the ability to observe and monitor whether instant messages are duly delivered. It also sends prompt reminders in case there are no repeated replies from the users.
  5. Managing deals at the different stage of business is quite important. This software allows the users to effectively manage all of your current and pending deals at a single glance. Users can easily view the stages of the current deals and also create notes in order to remind them of various important tasks which may help them in deal conversion. One can also view closed deals via a tabular view and also enter important field information like real name, a stage along with amount and company for an extensive and comprehensive understanding of the business management.
  6. It also allows you to get follow-up suggestion via your contact lists since it monitors leads based on the previous email conversation. It provides accurate follow-up recommendations which are based on the probability of the leads which can get converted that ensure that sales manager can intensively pursue the leads with a higher chance of getting them converted.
  7. It enables the users to maintain a record of all communication that occurs between the sales teams and the leads so that you can easily refer to past conversions and also gather customer information on any stage of a potential lead conversion.
  8. CompanyHub makes it easy to manage clients as well as lead appointments. It has the inherent ability to monitor all of the upcoming appointments which can easily be viewed at a quick glance. Users can easily set alerts as well as reminders to make sure that they donít forget or miss out on important meetings and also create special notes to reference past dealings with the same customer.
  9. It facilitates the creation of customizable fields while managing the contacts in order to make sure that additional information can easily be added which hence creates a touch of personalization.
  10. It also makes sure that you can have control of who can see what data which makes sure that only the authorized personnel can only view as well as manage sensitive sales figures. It also ensures that the team members can only access the data which they are officially approved to access.
  11. It has an extensive and wide range of advanced as well as sophisticated reporting options which provides an overview of all the important sales information at a quick glance. It comes with 20 pre-defined reports which can be utilized for daily operational reporting. It makes it possible to make personalized reports by means of adding specific fields as well as filters.
  12. Users are allowed to manage critical tasks as well as resource allocation and distribution through this software which ensure that all the team members are informed about who has been assigned with a particular task.
  13. It provides support to the entire sales cycle by means of integrating an optimized inventory module which can achieve seamless integration between both pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities. This module handles invoices, vendors, quotations as well as orders in a streamlined manner. It allows the users to download specific sales quotes, provide discounts and automatically mail the entire final amount to the vendor in order to increase efficiency.
  14. This software allows the users for bulk sending of instant messages as well as emails to the customers in order to alert and inform them of any important events. All of the contact phone numbers are stored in a centralized database in order to facilitate easy calling and making it possible to set reminds for various follow-ups to ensure team members remain in touch until the final stages of deal closing.
  15. It allows the user to completely customize reports, fields and tables. Personalization options are quite easy and user-friendly and donít require technical specialization and hence entirely eliminate the requirement for any external coding.
  16. It provides two-way email syncing which means that any important business communication via the personal mail account will also reflect in the CompanyHub account of yours which ensure that you have access to the entire data at all times.


UTron Ė An Automation Wonder

It is like a visual programming language for the users which allows them to create their own sales bots as well as automate anything. They can automate things like:

  1. Nurturing Leads.
  2. Alerts to Sales People
  3. Reminds to Clients.
  4. Creating tasks for Sales people.
  5. Alerts and notification to managers.

CompanyHubís UTron assists the business people to put their sales on autopilot. It allows them to automate all the boring tasks so that they can focus on important things which help them grow the sales.

Owing to this great feature, CompanyHub has been featured in Product Hunt.

You can find more about CompanyHub UTron on the following page:




You can have this software at great price of $24 per user/month which is billed annually. For month-to-month, the price is $32. There is a 14-day free trial period which is also available.



CRM to Automate Sales Efficiently

CompanyHub is a dynamic and robust CRM software package which is definitely an ideal choice for any business that requires an efficient system in order to manage its leads in a centralized and unified manner. It has a high level of flexibility, customization as well as simple user-interface which makes it the best CRM tool to assist the businesses to enhance their productivity and improve their bottom line results.