Kicking Back: These 4 Tablet Accessories Will Allow You to Discover a New Level of Comfort


Tablets are some of the most handy gadgets for quickly checking out the news, watching a video, or doing non-complex work. However, not enough people realize itís possible to extend their core functionality to make them suitable for other tasks as well (or simply make them more comfortable to use). Today, weíll be looking at 4 tablet accessories that will bring out all the potential your device is capable of:


1. External keyboard

While the on-screen digital keyboard is more than enough to enter a password, or write some quick messages, most people will agree that itís just impossible to write long-winded emails or text documents on it. Even though you could probably do it in a technical sense, this would require at least three times as much time and effort, which is not exactly the best use of your energy.

Getting an external keyboard will transform your tablet into a device thatís suitable for handling any kind of writing assignments. If the relatively small screen doesnít bother you, this is an effective solution (otherwise, investing in a large screen tablet is worth considering).


2. Livesribe Pen

Are you in love with taking notes the good old-fashioned way by using nothing more than pen and paper? Well, now itís possible to make handwritten notes with this special pen without having to resort to a digital keyboard or other ways of inputting them.

Hereís how it works: as you use the pen to write, a digital copy of your notes is created that is stored on the device and can be accessed at any time. That way, sharing what you wrote is really simple and doesnít take that much effort at all. Plus, if you want to return to what youíve written at a later date, combing through a digital document is much simpler than trying to do the same thing with physical sheet of paper.


3. Storage case

Whenever you want to take you tablet with you (along with its accessories), having a dedicated storage case makes things infinitely simpler. Investing in a high-quality product will save you from having to worry about dings and scratches or breaking the device if it ever accidentally falls on the ground.

Optionally, you can also get a strap with it that will free your hands and make it super convenient to carry. Just make sure to pick one that matches your tabletís dimensions, and you should be fine.


4. Tablet stand

Have you ever wanted to place your tablet on a table, but it just wouldnít stand up straight? Maybe youíve attempted to slide it between two cigarette boxes or lean against a pile of magazines?

Well, although thereís nothing wrong with doing it like this, thereís actually a much better solution: a tablet stand. Using one will ensure your tablet never gets knocked over and stays in place, just as it should.



When itís time to get comfortable with your tablet, thereís a countless number of options of accessories that will make your experience even more amazing. Most of them offer great value for the money spent, so theyíre very much worth exploring.