Industrial Joint Rolling Machine: A Beginner’s Guide

Rolling Machine

Until recently, it was risky even to mention cannabis in public, let alone manufacture an industrial machine for rolling joints. However, the times have changed, and we’ve lived to see an industrial joint rolling machine. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read the guide below and find out the basics about this recent invention.

Who Needs an Industrial Joint Rolling Machine?

If you’re using marijuana for medical purposes or like smoking a joint or two from time to time, chances are you don’t need an industrial joint rolling machine. Sure, it would be nice to have it so you could get a nicely rolled joint whenever you need one, but buying such an expensive machine just to spare five minutes of your time once in a while isn’t worth it.

This may make you wonder who in this world needs an industrial joint rolling & packaging machine and why. The answer is very simple — these machines are critical for companies that sell a mass quantity of joints.

Naturally, the mass production of joints will only be legally possible in countries like the USA or the Netherlands, where cannabis is allowed by law. Therefore, companies from these countries need machines for rolling piles of perfect joints as fast as possible.

How Does This Machine Work?

In essence, an industrial joint rolling machine does what you do when you roll a joint. However, there are few differences between an actual person rolling a joint and this automatic rolling monster doing all the work. Here’s the entire process in a nutshell:

  • Cone making — First off, the machine will create perfect cones and place them on the holder, and the cones will look the same every time. Even though the cone is the most fragile part of the joint, the machine will place it so perfectly that nothing can damage it and ruin the joint.
  • Material feeding — When you’re adding cannabis to the cone by hand, you need to be careful for the joint not to fall apart. Meanwhile, the joint rolling machine uses a dual-feeding system with a controlled auger and vibration that ensures precision and continuity.
  • Tapping — If you’ve thought that no machine could ever imitate classic hand tapping, think twice. The engineers behind the new industrial joint rolling devices have thought of this part, too. They designed a perfect compression system that mimics hand tapping and guarantees that the joint has ideal consistency and smokability.
  • Folding — Finally, the machine will fold the tip of every joint perfectly, thanks to a fantastic hands-free tip-folding mechanism. Each joint will come out of the machine perfectly folded and ready to make its new user happy.

If you still can’t visualize a joint rolling machine, maybe this cannabis packaging machine – new Aura 2000 model video can help you understand the process better. Moreover, there are a few perks about the machine doing this instead of you. One of them is speed, as the device follows an automated process and makes no mistakes that can ruin the rolling procedure. 

Consequently, we’ve got another benefit that is a consequence of speed, and that’s the quantity of rolled joints per hour. The machine can produce from 1500 and 1800 joints per hour, equivalent to hundreds of people.

What About the Grinding?

In addition, if you’re planning to get an industrial joint rolling machine, note you may also need an industrial grinder for your cannabis. The grinding process is essential for separating stems from buds and getting the best out of your product. Usually, we’d use a small grinder like the one described here that only fits a couple of buds or even use our hands to turn a bud into small flakes. 

You don’t have to do anything manually anymore with these new machines. Simply get a grinder that will save hours of work, and then transfer the prepared product into the industrial joint rolling machine. In a blink of an eye, you’ll start seeing perfect joints popping out without making any particular effort.