How to Increase Organisation Productivity with Microsoft Power BI training

When you are operating a business, as an owner or as a manager, the most important elements are profit and production increase, produced by delivering great customer service. Every Business owner or manager always use a different strategy to boost the production and profit to grow the organisation stature, The Microsoft Power BI is a tool that might lead your business productivity and profit to next level if use it efficiently. 

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) tools analyse and visualise data to create well structure data reports.  However; proper training of Power BI Microsoft software and understanding is the key to get maximum output from this outstanding tool.

If you don’t get the training and don’t devote sufficient time to learn how to use the Power BI software correctly, it’s possible you’ll see results on your spreadsheet that will contribute to additional expense or give you inaccurate information. For Example in Excel One of the basic errors, you might encounter is the #NUM message, which means you’ve entered a value different from others in the formula. If you intend to use $1,000 as a figure in your spreadsheet, you shouldn’t enter the “$” as part of your currency format. Generally, your formula should only include the numbers. You can format your cell after the calculation.

Along the way, there are two obstacles you should avoid: human error and process error. If your tools include complex production tools such as Excel and Microsoft Power BI, there is always a chance you’ll encounter both. Experience and training can reduce or eliminate issues caused by the user and even handle some of the program errors commonly encountered when working with formulas, to cite one example.

Costly Errors

At a more serious level, it’s possible to encounter major expense just by leaving a minus sign out of the data when calculating a capital loss. Apparently, this happened to a company in Canada when staff members made a “cut-and-paste” mistake. You might want to check everything, then check again to avoid the growing cost of excel errors because mistakes in smaller amounts will add up to big losses or to presenting information that has no relation to reality!

If you’ve followed the financial news in the past few years, you may have heard about the “whale” incident, in which the massive banking/financial firm JP Morgan Chase lost billions of dollars due to basic Excel errors and failure to test after the fact. If one item is entered incorrectly and the worker uses copy-and-paste to carry that entry forward more conveniently, the error is multiplied many times.

More than 10 years ago, software veterans were writing about a bug in Excel that caused a number such as 65,535 to be displayed in rounded figures such as 100,000. While this specific issue has been resolved, there may still be a good reason to check your figures, even when using a software icon such as this. At the time, the software was incorrectly displaying some figures because Excel converts binary numbers to strings before display.

So, it’s quite crucial to get proper training before using any Microsoft tools like Excel or Power BI tool to extract most out of it to grow production and profit of any organisation.