How to Entertain Yourself During a Road Trip

Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and heading off to a new and exciting destination. Yet, as fun as your big adventure might be, there might be times when you’re a little bored and simply cannot wait to arrive at a town or city.

If you want to ensure you have plenty of things to do on your journey, find out how to entertain yourself during a road trip.

Listen to a Funny Podcast

If you’re tired of the music on the radio, or you simply need a little entertaining when driving, consider listening to a podcast. It will entertain both you and your friends during an adventure, and the different topics will ensure you’re all never stuck for conversation.

Take a Selfie with a Bizarre Roadside Attraction

If you are set to head off on an all-American road trip, make it your mission to photograph as many of the world’s tallest objects you’ll find along a route, such as the 19,873lb ball of twine or the world’s largest ketchup bottle.

There are also plenty of unique roadside attractions that are a must-visit during a road trip, such as the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama. You can then upload the images onto Instagram to share your adventure with your loved ones back home.

Play a Fun Game Alone or with Your Friends

Fill your time by playing a fun game with your friends or family, such as Would You Rather or I Spy. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop if your road trip buddies fall asleep or need to focus on the road ahead, as you could play a game on a mobile device. For example, you could visit Unibet to take your pick from a wide array of entertaining games.

Stock Up on Snacks

You will be happy to learn that calories don’t count during a road trip (or at least you can pretend they don’t, anyway). So, treat yourself to some delicious snacks and new cuisine at a local restaurant or gas station, which you can find when you are driving along the highway.

Challenge Your Friends to Car Karaoke

Make fantastic memories with your friends by enjoying a spot of car karaoke. Turn up the volume to your favorite songs and sing your lungs out. You could even challenge your road trip buddies to a belt-off to see who can hit the high or low notes the best. There’s always at least one hopeless singer in the group, which will make it even more memorable.

Start a Cheesy Souvenir Contest

With plenty of stores and gas stations to visit during a road trip, you and your friends should embark on a cheesy souvenir contest. You will each need to find the worst, cheesiest item in every city, and you can then compare who managed to buy the funniest items. The person who manages to find the cheesiest items will get to keep everyone’s souvenirs from the road trip.