How Much is Domain Registration Age Important for SEO?

Domain Registration

Most business owners question themselves when it comes to SEOs. They doubt whether the URL or the website address age matters. If you purchase a website that was developed in 1995, you would wonder whether it ranks better than one that was registered in 2020. Well, webmasters and SEO specialists believe that the domain age is a valuable factor to consider, while critics claim that the domain has an insignificant effect on SEO. Based on expert opinion, aged domains are far better than new domains due to several reasons.

The Appropriate Domain Registration Age

Domains that have lasted for more than 20 years or more are appropriate since they have qualitative backlinking. The SEO inspects the backlinks and it prioritizes whether the site is authoritative and its dominance level. Besides, the aged domain carries more weight since it has some history, provided that it never incurred Google penalties.

Suppose you have a website, it’s always advisable to focus on content marketing and SEO, and not changing the domain to gain ranking points. Aged domains are always better, but when you purchase a domain for a website or a business, ensure that you audit the backlink profile and assess whether it has penalties.

Importance of an Aged Domain Registration

1. More Traffic

An aged domain, probably one that’s 20 years old or more, has better traffic compared to a brand new website. Purchasing an old domain requires time, effort, and money, but when you buy aged domains, you are assured of heavy traffic established by the former user. Find a trusted aged domain seller who sells indexed and ready-to-go domains. Old domains are great for 301s, starting new money sites, turning into PBNs, and more. With more traffic, all you have to do is maintain or increase the traffic; therefore, you should consider purchasing the older domains.

2. Better Reputation

Aged domains have a higher reputation than the new ones; therefore, it will be a bonus to have a better reputation once you purchase the domain. If you get the opportunity to buy an aged domain with a reputation that’s highly ranked on search engines, you shouldn’t hesitate. Most businesses spend lots of money and years establishing trust and reputation, but an aged domain comes with it.

3. Better Ranking

It’s hard for a new domain to overtake an old domain ranking when you have natural backlinks and relevant content that’s frequently updated. Google ranking is highly dependent on domain authority as well as search engine optimization factors. If an aged domain has been indexed by Google in the past, then there is a likelihood for better ranking in the future.

It was easy to buy an old domain in the past, especially one that had specific keywords. Currently, domain vendors have clogged the market, and they might entice you with new domains. You should make a smart move and purchase an old domain, preferably, 20 years or older, to make it in a competitive market. An aged domain ranks faster on Google compared to a new domain, and therefore, it’s essential for SEO.